Mysterious Google, which you never thought


This article is of the 3500 words. Why do you read? Why do you want to go back one step behind? It will help you a lot. It is an open challenge. You know so many things in the world. Today, you know that who is main of the world? The people never imagine what they do!

Most Mysterious Google, which you never thought.


Now, come to the main topic.

There are very few people in the world who do not know Google. But, the people do not know so many things about Google. Google is giving the so any technological prize. Google is the main actor of technology. But, the 99% people do not about the Google. I have been reading about Google since 2 months. I am so surprised. There are so many things inside the only 49 KB Google. So, I am staring about the Google.

The Primary History of the Google:

This mysterious thinking of Google was starting from 1996 by starting a project. “Lawrence Page” and Sergey Brin” are in the project members. These 2 are the students of Stanford University. They were working the Stanford Digital Library Project. Their main research was how do you proceed the technology? They were starting their research with on the World Wide Web. They started discussing the mathematical terms of WWW.

They were stated to understand the graphs of these link structures. The supervisor of this project was “Terry Wingard“. He gave a popular idea. Later Page had told that “The Best Advice I Ever Got”, and Lawrence Page started to think that how would he give the solution of this problem? He thought about the back link. Which helped to get something. They gave the name of their project is BackRub.

Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin met together in 1995. In 1996, they closed to each other. Lawrence Page thought about the web Crawler. It was in the month of March of 1996. They discovered PageRank. This Page Rank was the first output of BackRub.

Which depends on the list of Bank link. It was totally a Search Engine based site which developer was Robin Lee. This search engine is called RankDesk which stated their journey in 1996. This is basically used in China, which name is Baidu.  Lee started to use Page Rank for his Search Engine. They were studying at that time. They thought about the Search engine besides being their study. It was at the end of 1997 i.e. They watched it on 29th august, 1996 that HTML URL index was 75.2306 million and content download was 207.002 gigabytes. This was the huge success of BackRub.

Then BackRub started to write Java and Python and they passed the language to the Sun Ultras and Intel pentiumus Running Linux. Their preliminary database was on the above of 28 GB which does on Sun Ultra II. Scott Hassan and Alan Steremberg was so surprised after watching their talent.

Actually, what was this Google? This Google was a website of Stanford University. Their address was: It took in 1990.

Google was registered in 15th September, 1997. Occasionally, this Google Company was released in 4th September, 1998 in Menlo Park, California. Google Inc of Google was released in 31st, 1999.

In this way, the journey of Google was started. Actually, it was a brief history of Google. Next, the journey of Google started in 1999. They thought about the text add. The 2 students were still students. They saw in 1998 that 60 million pages were indexed. Their Google homepage was marked with the bet.

How was the looks of the Google Page in 1998?


The was already published at that time. Google Search Engine provides so many good results from some search engines. Google began its technology. Tghet stared their competition,,, Aol.Com.

They moved their office in Silicon Valley in 1999. In 2006, Google bought the property from SGI, which get 84.7% request in 2004. Google got the partnership of Yahoo, CNN, AOL in 2004.

Now, let’s take a look the brief description of Google:

Google established in 1998.

Google was established by Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin. They met each other in 1995. The nickname of their project was BackRub.

Google Adwords came in 2000. It is an advertising system.

Gmail came in 2004.

Google Maps and Google Earth came in 2005.

YouTube came in 2006.

Android came in 2007.

Google Chrome came in 2008.

And Google Plus came in 2011.

Now, let’s take a look about the upper class members of Google who made this search engine at the top position.

Executive Officers:

Larry Page

CEO and Co-Founder


Eric E. Schmidt

  Executive Chairman

Eric E. Schmidt

Sergey Brin



Nikesh Arora

Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer


David C. Drummond

 Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer


Patrick Pichette

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


These people had made a very good platform and made our lives very easy by developing the quality of our lives.

Moreover, there were so many people who are working till now to make our lives very easy.

For this time, we have discussed about the basic subjects or preliminary subjects. Now, I have entered into the mysterious area of Google. Google do everything. If you do not watch this, then you never believed that. I will write and you start the countdown. First of all, go to the Alexa and watch that in which products Google will get the visitors?

To watch this, you click on this link:

The top 10 products by Google are: Google Search, Mail, Docs, Plus, Drive, Translate, Maps, AdWords, Play Store, and Google News.

Now, I will tell you 100+ products of Google. You just read it and just count the products of Google.

  1. For finding the books, it is a dangerous search process. You can get millions of books.
  2. In here, you can save your favorite sites.
  3. It is model of 3D.
  4. Google blog search is a beautiful process through which you can open any blog very easily.
  5. Google Base is such kind of based on where you can submit any type of documents online or off line.
  6. Google App Engine is an app for running your website which is based on the infrastructure of the Google.
  7. It is one kind of software which is used for business mail, information.
  8. It is used by the Search Engine Optimizers or those people who research on search to give various kinds of answers to the questions.
  9. It helps to improve your site.
  10. You can term this product as a funny product. To get any kind of news if you use this kind of alerts, then Google will send you the desired news to your mailing address.
  11. It is such type of products which full-time online marketing services for the payment depends on the performance of the media.
  12. It is a Google advertising system which you give add to the Google.
  13. It is a contractual advertising system from where you can take add and by putting in your site you can earn money.
  14. It is a free media planning tool in where you can judge or select clearly that from which audience the visitors are coming and what kind of adds do you want to insert?
  15. By this, you know that what are you doing with these products in every month?
  16. In this product, Google helps the technology to move forward.
  17. This Google team developed a new programming language.
  18. It is a free blogging platform.
  19. It is an Operating System which is used by everybody in this World.
  20. To promote the mobile apps by Add.
  21. Google search Engine. It is heavily used by everybody.
  22. Google browser size is such kind of process in which you can get a visual tool that is you can watch the percentage of the visitors of your site.
  23. Google Calendar is an extraordinary idea of Google. Because, there is a system inside it in where if you use this service, then Google will know you by the mail or message which helps to move forward. It is seriously an extraordinary product.
  24. It is a search process. You can know any kind of car’s model and its prize. It helps you to buy any kinds of car model.
  25. It is used for buying the products from the Google store and forgiving place. After buying the product if you give the right place, then the product will automatically reach.
  26. It is a browser. We are all introduced with Google. So, I don’t talk anything.
  27. By using this tool, you can watch that, what are you using in this Google Chrome?
  28. From Google Chromebook, you can buy various kinds of laptops.
  29. Google Chromium is a project in which chromium and chromium OS was inside of it. You can know the source code behind it.
  30. This tool is used for knowing about the development of Google.
  31. If you use Google contact, then you will keep the contact number or the information of any person. Moreover, you can write down about any person. For this, we use a diary. You may also use contact apps to save the contacts through your Android phone.
  32. It is a product through which you can create any kind of cultural program and share it. In this case, the online activity is not so much required. The people will watch the cultural program. In Facebook, it is called Event. You can also present it by using maps.
  33. I use this Google product more or less. But we don’t know the funny matter. Yes, in here, you can create a search box on your site. If you want, then you will edit in various ways from your control panel. For visitors, it will make the searching process in your site very easily.    
  34. Google dashboard is a general view system. You can watch at a glance that which products you will use.
  35. Google desktop is a desktop tool which you can use the products of the Google from desktop.
  36. It inspires the developers. Because, Google give all kinds of its products live.
  37. Google docs are an extraordinary product. You can share your Microsoft word or excel sheet online with your friends by using Google docs.
  38. Google drive a beautiful system for this reason is that it gives you 15 GB memory. You can upload any kind of file in it. If you want to share it, then you can do it. Moreover, you can get so many things. Next, when I discussed about the Google products in detailed, then I will discuss about it.
  39. Everybody know this product. As a result, most of the users used it before. So, I do not tell about it. If you want to know it, then you go, the link and then you recollect your childhood.
  40. It is called RSS feed i.e. it is used by bloggers for using their blogs.
  41. Google Fiber is a broadband connection. It is Google challenge. They take challenge for 100 time’s fast conections. It is done for area based.
  42. From here, you can know the information of various mutual funds and companies. You can also give the portfolio of any companies. Moreover, you can also watch the share of information as a graph.
  43. From here, you can collect various kinds of fonts. If you want it, then you can download it. The usage, fonts from Google is really very impressive. If you want, then you can download it and use these.
  44. You can use it for keeping data. After using it, you can share it with all of your friends.
  45. If anybody visits in your site, and if anybody wants to attach with you, for them you can add gadget on your site. As a result, he/she will connect with you.
  46. It is a new product of Google. Really, it is an extraordinary product. It is just like sun glass type, but its ability is high. I will request all of you guys that just click on the link and visit the products. I have ordered a product. Don’t know will it come or not? But, hopefully it will come.
  47. It is just for the programming language in where there is either in clear or unclear. If you read it, then it will clear.
  48. Google grants is a no profit organization where you can move forward the organization system.
  49. You can discuss the common matters in the Google groups. If you want to know it, then you will know it.
  50. It is a live conversation system. You can do live conversation by sharing videos, pictures etc.
  51. It is made for moving forward the technology. It is an empty space for general user, engineer, and expert. You can give any kind of research and idea for increasing the technology.
  52. By Google image search, you can search any images. The link will automatically come if the image is available online.
  53. By using this tool, you can search on Google in any languages.
  54. You can remind notes, list, and pictures very fast.
  55. If you are a business man, then Google helps you to find out the customers by following some rules. As a result, we see a lot of time when you search for a product, including the location the product comes in front of your eyes. It is one of the causes.
  56. We all think that we use it. It is an online system of give and take policy of Google mails.
  57. By using the Google maps you can easily find out the location of the Google maps, you can also make driving direction and if you select the name, address of your office and after editing the name, the location will automatically come.
  58. You can make upgrading your android phone by using this free product.
  59. This tool is used only for the distributors. It used for the representation, vote, and events.
  60. You can watch the Moon 3D from here.
  61. You can upload your favorite music in here.
  62. If you use it, then you can watch the news in every moment. You can watch the headlines of every news. If you want it, then you can read about it in detailed.
  63. It is a mobile phone which is a product of the Google. It has been made by Google.
  64. After using it, you know about the offer of the products. Moreover, you can also make the offer of your products.
  65. If you use it, then you will able to analysis your site and will get suggestions. You can also know about the suggestion of it.
  66. This product is for the visitors as they enter in your website as fast.
  67. By this, you can find out any people.
  68. The Google play store is the digital platform for the Android users. In there, you can find out the apps of any android app.
  69. Google Plus is just kind of Facebook. You can make a circle of your friends.   
  70. It is a product of which main strength is save, money save.
  71. Through it, you can search any product and give links and present it as a picture.
  72. It is a searching system. By using this product, you can search very easily any article, books etc.
  73. It is a new product of Google. This project is for moving forward the technology.
  74. It is free easy process to make the website.
  75. By using this, you can edit or modify anything and published as a 3D.
  76. This product is for viewing the sky more clearly.
  77. Through it, you can explore your world very easily.

It makes the search process very easy. A variety of related searches are given below in the search.

The other products from Google are:

  • Google Voice
  • Google Sync
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Takeout
  • Google Tasks
  • Google Think
  • Google Toolbar
  • Google Transit
  • Google Transliteration
  • Google Translate
  • Google Trends & Google Insights for Search
  • Google TV
  • Google URL Shortener
  • Google Ventures
  • Google Video
  • Google Voice
  • Google Wallet
  • Google Web Accelerator
  • Google Web Elements
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Google Web History
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Website Optimizer
  • Google WiFi
  • iGoogle
  • Orkut
  • Panoramio
  • Picasa
  • Schemer
  • TextcubeYouTube

I am very sorry because Mysterious Google, which you never thought. In this post, I cannot give the links of so many products. Because, there is not more than 100 links in TT.

I just give you the samples. If there are further any more products then you, guys, write in the comment box. I really feel tired. So, I do not give the rest of the links. I don’t know how many it has. But, you believe or not, the  42 KB is enough for the way of life. There are so many products in Google more than from your demanding. Anybody imagines that in between the 10 years, Google, win the mind of all people in the world. Lawrence Page never thought that the power of 42 KB is huge. The products of Google make our lives very easy. You also feel tired after reading this article. My writings, and readings is not just 1% of Google.

When I started this article then I watched the time. Now, my article is going to finish and I watch that it tool total 27 hours to finish this article. The guys, to see the all products of Google, you have to give at least 3 hours. Google is going to the beyond of the thinking of people. Google binds a bond with the people. It is really a good thing. It is a subject of thinking.

However, so many words are used for Google. I don’t know who will get the benefit from this article and how they will benefit? But, I know that it does not harm anybody. Please leave your comments.

Thanks to all of you. You give encouragement and inspiration which will help to write a far better article. Take care.

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