Facrbook Stablecoin CryptoCurrency


Facebook is working on Stablecoin CryptoCurrency for WhatsApp Payments. Facebook CryptoCurrency is made for WhatsApp payments. Stablecoin is slightly different and stable than bitcoin. The company confirmed that they work on Blockchain Technology. Facebook Launched Stablecoin CryptoCurrency in the last of this year.

Stablecoin Facebook CryptoCurrency


Social media giants are preparing to lunch Facebook CryptoCurrency in India also over the world. Interestingly, Facebook CryptoCurrency Stablecoin can be launched first in India. Stablecoin CryptoCurrency will be used to transfer money from Whatsapp. According to the report, Facebook launched Stablecoin CryptoCurrency first in the Indian market.

Bitcoin is a CryptoCurrency. The name of Facebook CryptoCurrency Stablecoin. According to the report, Facebook is currently working on this, and it may take some time to launch it. Facebook CryptoCurrency based on US Dollars. This Currency more reliable than the other coin. The company is making it for Whatsapp payments.

Although these reports have already been coming out that Facebook is working on CryptoCurrency. There are 200 million users of Whatsapp in India and this is the reason for launching Stablecoin (CryptoCurrency) in India.

Let us know that in 2014 Facebook had hired the world’s top payment gateway PayPal’s president David Marcus. At present, David Marcus is the Facebook Messenger app’s head, and the report is Facebook decided that David is heading Facebook CryptoCurrency Stablecoin. Apart from this, the company is also increasing its blockchain department continuously.

Facebook is exploring the power of Blockchain technology. WattsApp is constantly trying to lunch payment service, and the company has started testing very well. It would be interesting to see that the company gets permission to launch payment service in India or not.