How to Set Up Your Apple Watch with iPhone


Have you bought a new Apple Watch? If your answer is Yes, Then I will tell you How To Set Up Your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Set Up Your Apple Watch

how to set up apple watch
Set Up Apple Watch With Your iPhone

Apple Watch compatible with these devices

First, a fall charged your new Apple Watch then turn it on and Download Apple Watch App on your iPhone if you already download it or it already pre-installed on your smartphone teen open it and start set up. Remember that Apple watches support on iPhone 6 or newer version that runs on iOS 9 or above. That means You need an iPhone 6 runs with iOS 9 or latest version of iPhone.

Apple watch supports on iPhone 6 or newer version that runs on iOS 9 or above

Apple watch supports on iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS & XS Max, iPhone XR.

Automatic Pairing

Open the Apple Watch and Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well, and select Start Pairing on the Watch. Then a Blue Pattern has appeared on the watch, Open the camera of your iPhone and scan it. Congratulation It automatically paired with your iPhone.

Apple smart watch
Apple smart watch series 4

If the automatic pairing is not working

If the automatic pairing is not working don’t worry, you can also pair Apple watch with your iPhone using the manual process by pressing the “i” icon on Apple watch, and it shows you a six digit code. Type this code it automatically pairs your device.

If it is your first apple watch, then it Set Up as New on your iPhone If it is your second or third apple watch, in this case, you must select Restore from Backup. Then Select your wrist (Right or Left) and agree with terms and conditions. Then enter your Apple ID and Password then it Will ask for some permissions enable Location Services (yes), Siri (yes), and Diagnostics (yes). It mirrors one another with these settings on your iPhone and Apple Watch. If you change these settings in one device settings also changed other devices automatically.

New Apple Watch
Apple Watch Series 4

After completing the set up

After completing these set up, it shows you “Create a Passcode” option. Create a Passcode because without this you cannot use apple pay on your SmartWatch it is the best feature of Apple Watch. You can select whether you want apple watch to unlock along with your phone or not. At last set up, your Apple Watch properly and Don’t let it go to your wrist.

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