Track location of your Facebook friend


I hope all of you are fine. I start today’s tune. If there is any mistake, then forgive me as a younger brother. Because I am small in age.

Anyway, today I will show you how you will know from where your Facebook brother has continued. Or if someone disturbs you from fake ID then you can frighten him by tracking his location or IP address. But the problem is that there may not always be the right address in this process. I just have shown you this method. If you don’t get an expected result then please forgive me. Reading more effective trick of tracking ID and location, I will share after. If anyone wrote about this before I have given him credit obviously and also have felt sorry.

How to track the location of your Facebook friend?


Today what process I’m going to share, for that you have to make a fake ID. Then whose location you want to track, give him a message. Then wait for a reply. After his reply, on the command prompt of windows. Going to Run write cmd and then press OK. See command prompt has come. Now type in netstat-a of command prompts and then press enter. If you use a messenger in PC in case of messaging, then write netstat -nbt and then press enter. See, here computer will show you all IP address and all received IP address. From here, check the IP address of network before. Now in command prompt you will see another IP address without your IP, that is the IP address of that Facebook user.

Now let’s come that how you will understand in which area that IP address is. Click here and select location finder and then give your IP address and see the location with map. There needs some time in this process, but you can try this. Once again, I’m saying, this process may not work always. If any mistake is there, please forgive me, and if any mistake happens in this process then comment us.

Thank you all. It is enough for today. Take care.