How to report to Google against the Spammer / Illegal / Offensive Sites?


In all over the Internet Network, there are so many necessary sites, and there are also some harmful sites. Those harmful sites have been celebrating with the detriment of the people instead of benefit the people. Some harmful sites in the midst of good websites are: Malware, Fishing, Copyright etc. which is to the detriment of society continue. Somebody trapped in this knowingly or unknowingly.

How do you report to Google against the Spammer / Illegal / Offensive Sites?

malware - phishing site

Generally, we don’t remember such site addresses, for this we find out from search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It will be better if Google does not express these spammer sites, then how is it? It will be better. Isn’t it? So, in this case, we have to play an important role. If we report to the Google against these spammer sites, then these spammer sites will not show.

Let’s see in where do you report against these sites?

2nd Process:

Firstly, you go to the link by using Google webmaster Tools.

report phishing page

Now, you submit your report.

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Biswajit Das
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