How to Pin Microsoft Office in the Start Menu of Windows 7 – if it hides from All Program


What do you do if the Microsoft office hides from All Program?

Have a good day, guys. There is no person in the world who do not work on Microsoft office. All of us use and work on Microsoft office in every day. But, in many times, Microsoft Office hides from the list of All Programs. So many users, then reinstall the Microsoft office again. But, it takes a long time and labour for uninstalling the Microsoft software and reinstall the software. But, we can work this without reinstalling the Microsoft Office.

microsoft office

Let’s take a look that how do you get back this software?

At first click on the “Start Menu“.

Now, right click on the “All Programs” and Click on the “Open all Users”.

start menu

Here, from Programs you drag the necessary programs into the All Programs. Finally, you have done this. Now, open the program as before from the “Start” menu. In the same manner, you also bring back the hidden programs.

Pin Microsoft office to sart menu

Hopefully, all of you guys are well. You don’t forget to leave comment after facing any problem.

Alternatively, you may use run commands to open the Microsoft Office Applications.

As well as:

For Microsoft Office Word: WINWORD

For Microsoft Office Excel: EXCEL

For Microsoft Office Access: MSACCESS

For Microsoft Office PowerPoint: POWERPNT

Thank you!

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