How to delete the files that are not deleted in Windows


We can’t delete easily so many files. Today, I will show you how do you delete the files that are not deleted in Windows PC?

Process to delete the files that are not deleted in Windows:

Firstly, open the “command prompt” from your computer, you will find the command prompt from the start menu. Minimize it and go to the Start menu and then go to the “Run”. To open “Run” press “Windows+R” button from your keyboard. Now write TASKMGR.EXE in “Run” windows and active the Task Manager. Now move the file from one drive to another drive which you want to delete. Now go back to the command prompt. Now give space after writing “DEL” and give the name of your desired file (which you want to delete). Now, go back to the Task Manager and go to the New Task and write explorer.exe and press Enter button and take the GUI shell restart. The job has finished.

delete files from computer

Process 2 to delete the files that are not deleted in Windows

#1 Go to the notepad on your computer and then go to “save as” this from File Menu.

#2 Now, select the file which you want to delete and if that file you don’t find from the drive then you will find a tab in the place of Write Name and from there select all files. Now, the file will come and click on it and save it.

Hopefully, you will get a new notice and overwrite the file. Now, you will go to that drive and you will watch that the format has totally changed and delete it safely.

Hopefully, this prescription will help you a lot. Thanks all of you guys.

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Thank You!

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