The activities if you don’t copy any file in the computer.


Those we use computers, they face many problems in several times and one of the problem is file not to be copied.

Today I will show you if the file is not copied in that case what you will do. Generally everybody copy file with (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V). File is not copied through pressing (CTRL+V) of more people because of any software of your 3rd party or this odd fact would happen if any file of computer system is cramped for approval.

What to do if you don’t copy any file on the computer?


If copy and paste don’t work, then active task manager after pressing (CTRL+ALT+DEL). Now from here click PROCESS tab and find out EXPLORER.EXE and then click the right button of mouse. Close it after End Process Tree. Explorer.EXE Process will be closed. Now going to new task (run) from file of task manager, write EXPLORER.EXE and then OK. Again EXPLORER will be activated newly. Now press (windowskey+E). Now copy any file from your PC with (CTRL+C) and paste with (CTRL+V), see any work is done or not. Many people use various software for copying file quickly, keep in mind this type of software can face problem because of several faults. If file is not copied then UNINSTALL it. Normally the file will be copied.

It may happen if there is no approval for copying file from the system. If it is, then activate internet explorer from start menu. Here click on tools, then again click on internet options. When the new dialogue box is opened, then click on the security tab. Again, click on custom level below security tab. Now a new window will come and you will see many settings in front of your eyes. Here to scroll mouse, find out below drag and drop or copy and paste option. Observe it here, if there is disable in radio button then Enable it. So that approval will be gotten for copying file and file copy will start.

Thank you