Has Your Memory Card Lost? Do you want to throw the memory card in dustbin? Stop, Take this software (size 1.6 mb) and it may recover your Memory Card


How are you? Hopefully, you guys are all well. However, I come to the point.

In many time, our pen-drives and memory card do not support in PC or in mobile phones. And we throw it to the dustbin without trying to recover it.

How to recover a corrupt and damage memory card using a software?

Today, I am going to share a software which name is Memory Card Repair. By using this software you will be able to recover the memory card. I also recover my two memory cards by using this software. If you like it, then download this software. The size of it’s is just 1.6 mb. Hopefully, it will help you and you may like it.

I have given the download link in my article.

It is quite easy to download it by using uc browser.

Click the below link to download Memory Card Repair.rar:

Download Memory Card Repairing software.


Install the software, then connect your memory card to the PC and now the software will open itself and if it does not open itself, then click on the “Run as administrator” and open the software and select the device of your memory card and then select the NTFS and click on the “Quick Format” option and then your memory card will format and hopefully, your memory card will be recover.