How to Add a Pop-up Message on Facebook Cover Photo?


If you are a Facebook user or if you have a Facebook profile/fan page, then you can add pop-up messages on your Facebook cover photo. Today, I will be going to show you, how to add a pop-up message on Facebook Cover Photo? Before starting, I recommend you for reading all of my Facebook related articles. Now, follow the steps below to add a message on the cover photo of the Facebook profile page or on the cover photo of the Facebook fan page.

How to Add a Pop-up Message on Facebook Cover Photo (Profile/Fan Page)?

add popup message on facebook cover photo

It is very easy, and this article about a Pop-up message on Facebook. I’ve also created a video tutorial. In this tutorial, you will see a pop-up message on mouse over on the Facebook cover photo. Let’s start:

At first, see the above screenshot. We will do like the above screenshot.

#1 At first add a cover photo to your Facebook profile, or Facebook fan page.

#2 Now go to the description area of the uploaded photo and add your message in description for showing on the pop-up.

facebook pupup message

Note: You’ve to click on the cover photo to get the description area.

Problem! Watch the video tutorial.

Thank you…

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