Speed up your site by minifying CSS and JavaScript


It is very important to have a speedy website for getting your keyword in the top rank. Google usually picks up the speedy site when visitor search anything on Google. So if your site is not speedy enough and you want to get the top position, then unfortunately it is almost impossible. Google wants to help its visitors by providing quality site. A site with good user experience and high page speed get more priority from Google.

There are so many websites out there to check your site speediness and Page Speed Insights is one of the best. It is a Google product so it had to be the best. When you will check any site on PageSpeed Insights you will probably see so many things to be done to speed up your site. Today I will show you how to speed up your site by minifying CSS and Javascript.

Speed up your site by minifying CSS and JavaScript

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  1.  At first check which JavaScript file has to be minified and copy the JavaScript code.
  2. Go to Online JavaScript Compression Tool and paste the copied code and click on compress JavaScript.
  3. Copy the output and paste it on the original JavaScript file.

Do it one after another. When all done, then check your speed test once again and you will see some positive impact on your speed test score.

css minify

You have to follow the same things for minifying CSS too. To minify CSS you can go to this site http://cssminifier.com/

If you see that your page speed score is above 85 then its OK. But the more score you have the more benefit your site will get. So try to speed up site at anyhow.

If you have any other question on how to speed up a site, then feel free to leave your question in the comments section.

  • Now check your website’s speed

To test the website speed, you can visit to http://tools.pingdom.com or http://gtmetrix.com

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