What is SSL Certificate? How necessary for the Website?


Internet browsing becomes fierce when a personal information is involved. It becomes horrible because do you know that the information which you want to send it to the web server that roams some of the computers and reach to a certain web server? Your information can easily send to the some of the hackers and then you can imagine that what will be going to happen? SSL certificate is the best to secure the information of the website users.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is a digital certificate which you can buy it from any institution. It creates a secure connection in between the web browser and web server. It binds the details of your institution in your cryptographic key. It contains the name of the receiver of the certificate, serial number, validity, public key and the digital signature which provides the certificate provider. The SSL certificate in any website means that you can rely on this website and no hacker can watch your personal information.

What is SSL Certificate
What is SSL Certificate

The certificate encrypts the information and sends to the web server and the web server does the same job. Suppose, you want to send money to your friend’s house and that place there is no banking or internet facility. To send the money you have to transfer to another people. There is a risk to steal the money. But, if you put your money in an ark, and if you lock it then there is no risk to steal the money.

SSL certificate works like it. In this way, all of your important information send to the server very safely. HTTPS are shown at the beginning of the every website which uses SSL. HTTPS is a mixed version of the SSL and HTTP. Learn, What are HTTP and HTTPS protocol?

Where is it use?

It is used to make a secure connection in between the web browser or mail client, and web server. It authenticates all the identities of the websites and it encrypts all the information by using SSL technology. SSL certificate assures web session to make a secure. It means that your sending information will send to the website very safely and no hacker or cracker hack the information.

Bank uses SSL Certificates

Generally, online banking website, social network website, e-mail service provider and any admin of website who wants to give the security to all users, they use SSL certificate. If this certificate is being on your site, then you can rely on your site.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and all banking websites use SSL certificate because all of them deal sensitive information.

Is SSL Certificate necessary for your website?

Actually, this question depends on the subject, if you host a web server in where the people are very sensitive and can exchange the personal information, then an SSL certificate is very necessary. Because not only it does mean that the users can exchange their personal information but also it also mean that users also rely on your website.

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If you want to use it, then you have to order it from any institution. First of all, you have to set up your web server, then you have to update your WHOIS report and set up your web server. You have to generate CSR from your server, it is a certificate signing request as the encrypted text is blocked and it sends to the institution as the information can be registered in the certificate.

Add SSL Certificate in to the website

But, you have to keep a notion before getting the certificate that your server has a unique IP address and then your domain is capable of getting the certificate. After getting the certificate from certificate provider, you have to install on the server. How to install your own SSL certificate on an application – Learn More…

The price may be quite a difference due to the depend on your website and your security. Next, I will show how would you get the free SSL certificate? It is better to buy the certificate from the good provider like GoDaddy, Symantec etc.

Conclusion: It is very difficult to rely on those websites which have no SSL certificate especially, in where you want to enter any secret information. So, if you have any large website then I advise you to use SSL certificate and believe that as a result of the users of your site like it very much.

Do you use SSL certificate on your website? Please make a comment and share your experience with us.

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