Does Smart Phone Radiation cause cancer?


You, guys think that does the radiation, which emits from the smart phone may cause cancer? The question coming into the mind is generally. Because, smart Phone is the wireless technology and it works based on the smart phone electromagnetic waves. So, in this situation, you must know that does the smartphone may cause cancer or not? You must read this article. And I am giving the answer.

Does the Radiation which emits from the Smart Phone May Cause Cancer?


Does the cancer occur from the smart phone? It has been researching for a long time. In this condition, a term has come from the mind of the general people is called Radiation. After listening the name of radiation, the people worry about this that what kind of radiation may cancer in our body if we use smart phone? You must keep it in mind that radiation may attack your body but all radiations may not attack your body. There is no possibility of causing cancer from the radiation of smart phone.

Radio frequency waves are used in mobile phones. And there is a low energy radio frequency wave. The mobile operators use 700 MHz or 800 MHz or 2000 MHz or use different kinds of brands. This radio frequency waves have no power which can harm your health.


Radiation is mainly of two types. Non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation is generally less frequency and less frequency means less energy. But, the energy will be fulfilled as compared to the increasing of radiation frequency. And, high frequency radiation is called ionizing radiation. You watch in the above picture that power lines, radio, and cell phone, microwaves, etc. Are in the Non-ionizing radiation. That is, it is less powerful and it is not harmful for you. The harmful radiation starts from the ultraviolet radiation and the x ray and gamma ray are also harmful for us. But, why these are so harmful? Let’s take a knowledge about it.

Let’s have a watch that if high-caliber waves throw from the any source of atoms, then due to the high-caliber, some electron can be increased from the atom. The atom is ionized due to the increasing of electrons. And in this wave, you will get the ability ionizing into the waves. The ability of ionizing starts from the ultra-violet radiation and in the high frequency radiation. For this, we say that the ray of the sun may cause cancer in your body and ultra-violet radiation may cause the eye problem.

But, there are some radiations e.g. Radio and cell phone, microwaves etc. From which there is no possibility of harm. Here, one thing is clear that there is no possibility of harm in your body from your mobile phone. During the time of using your phone, if it may cause your head ache, then it is not a good news for your phone rather it may cause due to another reason. Or if you have the disease, then your phone is not responsible for this.

Another thing is that there is an anti-radiation chip which you can buy from the market. You attach it at the back of your phone. As a result, the radiation will be reduced off your phone. Actually, this kind of chip is actually fake. It is not necessary to buy it. First of all, there is no problem from the radiation of your phone. And second of all, the problem may arise from any radiation. Then, after adding the chip, the radiation will not be restricted. Rather, after adding the chip, the problem may arise. The radiation level may further be increased. So, I am requested to you not to buy this kind of chip. You guys, use your phones just as a normal way.

Today, as far as on the research, the researchers have been said that there is no risk from the mobile phones. Another technologies such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth or microwave do not harm you. So many people worry about the Wi Fi. So many people said that Wi Fi is harmful because, it uses high energy. GHz: WI Fi uses the GHz frequency. GHz means billion bar in 1 second. So many people think about that if the signal of the Wi Fi comes close to the human being, then it may harm the human being. You also know that Wi Fi is a non-ionizing radiation. There are so many radiation in the lamp than the Wi Fi. If you do not worry about the radiation of the lamp, then why do you think about the radiation of Wi Fi? Do you know that there is a Terahertz frequency in the torch light which is a thousand times more than the Wi Fi frequency?

Cause Cancer

Last Words:

The last word is that there is no problem if you use your smart phone 1 hours or 10 hours. Cancer is so far away. There is no problem if you use the internet and exchange data by using the Wi Fi. This subject is discussed by me according to the law and it is scientifically proved that non-ionizing never creates a bad effect on your health. Today, this article is liked by all of you guys. If you like then you don’t forget to leave your comments and must share it.

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