Bad effects of mobile phone in our everyday life


Hello friends, how are you? I think you are not good and you are facing some problems for using a mobile phone, so you let us known the bad effect of mobile phone and how to solve it.

The use of mobile phone is increasing every time. Today, mobile phone is one the major necessity things of human life. In spite of all its benefits but mobile phone use has very dangerous and destructive effects on our life, society and environment.

Bad effects of mobile phone are:

1)    Brain Cancer: is a very dangerous effect. Mobile phone radiations slowly damage your brain. This radiation is called Electromagnetic radiation it is a very dangerous radiation for health.

2)   Brain tumours: it’s also an effect of radiation.

3)  Impaired Concentration:  Everyday you focus your mobile phone to work anything for a long time, so you lost your energy and concentration.

4)  Increased Stress:  You are constantly thinking someone to access you via your mobile phone. This is building up the stress, so you not free your stress will be increased.

bad-effects of mobile

5)  Neurodegenerative  Disorders:  Research says that the harmful radiations can damage DNA and DNA also damage in brain cells can affect neurological functions. Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.

6)   Heart risks: you should carry a mobile phone in your shirt pocket so the harmful radiations fast attack to heart.

7)  Reduced Fertility:  Excessively use mobile phone slowly damaged sperm and decreased sperm concentration, so the fertility will decrease.

8)    Eye Problems:  Mobile phone’s screen is short, so we’re reading the smallest size word for a longer time it’s creating a big pressure in the eye.

9)  General Sickness:  When you touch the mobile all viruses and bacteria were transmitted to your hands and finally into your body. So you have just washed your hands and eating meals.

10)  Risks to pregnancy:   During pregnancy, it is very necessary to avoid mobile phone, because it’s creating a bad effect for the unborn child.

bad-effects of mobile phone

11)    Loss of Hearing:  Today, there are ever-increasing numbers of people between 18 and 26 years suffering from hearing loss because the harmful radiation and they use mobile phone long-time.

Many bad effects in the mobile phone, so friends take care and save to you and our Environment.

Thank You!!!

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