Here are the Things to Keep in Mind When You Buy a Cheap Tab


In the present time, all of us are using technology from day to night. The demand of us is increasing along with the technology. And we are converting into the machine. We are depending on every technology.

Here’s everything you should consider before buying a new tab.

TAB is the device of our daily work. This portable device makes our life quite easy. However, in the market of technology, you will watch the various prices TABs. Specification of the various priced TABs depend on the price. In our society, so many people do not buy high configuration TAB, most of the people buy low cost TABs. This blog is for those. Let’s start:

Buy TABs before watching the Pre-installation of Google Play Store:

It is natural that specification is low in cheap TABs. But, does it not on Google applications? It is not acceptable. In so many cheap TABs, the necessary features such as: Gmail, google search and Google calendar are not available there. You think that you may download that. But, you think a wrong. Because, Google play store is also available on the Google product. The Google play store is not available means the installation of applications from third party which is a very risky task. So, you must try to buy a TAB which supprts all kinds of services.


“Cheap Tab means Slow”: It is a wrong Concept

So many people think about that “as the TAB is cheap, so it is very slow”. But why? We are living in such a time of technology. So, why cant get a good TAB in a cheap price?

For example: 1.33 GHz speed faster and Intel Atom Zed 3785 processor and 1 gigabyte RAM are used in Asus memo pad 8. 1.83 GHz faster quad core processor of Intel Atom Zed 3745 and 2 Gigabyte RAM is used in Acer Iconia TAB. According to specification and performance, the price of these TABs is very low.


There are so many TABs are available in the market which I can write but I have told the names of two devices in above, in which tabs, the very well-known processors are used. But, in spite of these, the above mentioned two devices’ price are very low.

Think about the Quality of Display:

You have to give discount in the quality of the screen of your cheap TABs. Because, generally, the price of good display is always high and as a result, the priced of TAB will be high. But, you give me answer of question: “why extraordinary display is required?” High-resolution display panel is not required for decent and better viewing angles of a tab.

Only, high resolution display does not specify the quality of the panel. Not only the resolution, contrast, brightness, colour reproduction are also necessary for god quality display panel.


But, before buying the TAB, you think about the display panel. Decent display panel is also available in some cheap TABs.

Don’t Get Updated Version:

I think, this problem is the main problem in the cheap TABs. You do not get updated firmware of operating system. So, if you buy a cheap TAB in which Jellybean is installed, then Jellybean will stay there. As a result, you have to confine in old firmware.

Battery Life:

If the smart devices have any common problems, then most probably the problem is about the battery life. And this type of problems occur mostly in these TABs.    Battery life

The battery power expenses too much due to the large screen of the TABs. And low quality battery is available in cheap TABs, so, the performance meter of these cheap TABs is reduced quite a bit. So, you must try to buy minimum high batter power Tabs.

Must Keep in Watch of the Brand: 

I do not tell you that we should move on about the branded items, but if you use branded device then you will get the developer support.

Forget about the camera:

Directly tell you, in cheap TABs, camera unit is very bad. It is better not to remain the camera unit in cheap TABs. Because, you don’t get any enjoy by capturing your photos by the low quality camera. So, you don’t get good quality camera in cheap Tabs.

Last Word: Low-cost device means the device is bad: we have come out from this misconception. Is currently available in the market at a lower price good quality tab, just above factors in mind, you might not be fooled or not regretted the purchase. However, if you want to purchase cheap tab, and then of course you have any questions about it, then you will write down your question in the comments box. I will help you as much as possible, I promise.