5 Simple Ways to Make Your Smartphone Last for as Long as Possible


Smartphones are an expensive electronic device, which not all can change every year due to budget constraints. If you’re the type of person who wants to get every last drop of value from a phone before buying a new one, then this post is for you.


To let your phone stay with you for a longer time, you need to take its utmost care. Here are five simple ways to make your smartphone last for as long as possible. 

  1. Never skip app updates! They are vital.

    It is crucial to update your phone’s operating system and other apps as it pops up. It will help your phone to operate smoothly. Android and iPhone (both) have automatic app updates, which is usually enabled by default. If not, then tap on Settings and select the Auto-update apps option in the Android. iPhone users will get this option in their Settings – iTunes and App Store.

    Doing updates will help you to fix bugs, resolve security concerns, and improve the overall performance of your phone.

  2. Deleting unused apps will help restore your slow phone.

    Every smartphone comes with fixed storage space and memory. That is why it is significant to keep the number of unused apps to a minimum. Hence, if you are not using an app for a longer time, then keep a habit of deleting it. It will help you save your storage space, making your phone feel less slow.

    Even preventing the apps from running in the background will be beneficial to free up your precious storage.

  3. Buying accessories is the foremost thing to do after a phone purchase.

    Smaller, thinner, lighter, frameless, larger screen, and so forth make a smartphone the most delicate device. To avoid being the victim of the smashed screen, you need to be proactive. The first thing that strikes your mind is to buy a cover case for your new phone. It helps to keep your phone from breaking when it unavoidably drops.
    However, you don’t need to buy expensive cases. A budget-friendly case cover can help you to extend your phone’s life. Well, there are other best accessories too which can prevent your phone screen from cracking, so think about them as well.

  4. Daily cleaning of the screen and ports will keep the phone brand new.

    Who doesn’t want its phone to look shinier and new all the time? Almost all! That is the most significant thing that will make all of us feel good. So, clean the screen and ports daily to make it look brand new. Even if you use a cover case, take out some time from a busy schedule, and remove dust and gunk from it.

    To get through the charging port, microphone area, speaker grille, and headphone jack, use a toothpick and coax anything out. Last but not least, don’t forget to clean your camera shots.

  5. Avoid overheating and overworking of your phone to keep it healthy.

    The battery is one of the vital components of any phone. And there are plenty of myths concerning the element, which needs to be busted. For instance, charging a battery at a fast pace won’t harm but letting it drain out regularly could. Additionally, overheating your battery, leaving the phone out in direct sunlight could ruin the life of your phone.

    Therefore, start taking care of the battery from the day you unbox your phone to increase the longevity of its life.

Your budget is in your hands!

Correct! Not everyone wants to get rid of their smartphone so early. If you also want to be amongst the one, then do follow the above-listed ways. You’ll soon observe your smartphone going strong and looking new for many years to come.

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