Mobile Apps Can Make Your Digital Marketing Different

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

You will have to make the best use of the social media platforms, all of it, as well as have the best digital marketing plan in place if you really want to do good in today’s business landscape. In order to ensure this, apart from the help of professional digital marketing experts, you will also have to use a dedicated mobile app for your business. This will increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts manifolds.

The primary reasons that make the mobile apps so useful and a smart choice for every business today, irrespective of its type and size is that:

  • It provides the best user experience to the pocket end-to-end users thereby making your business and brand more viable to the users and in addition to that
  • These mobile apps also make it much easier for businesses to reach out to, engage with and retain more of their customers by tapping their interests and pain points.

Therefore, while your competitors are more focused on trying to improve their website experience, you must strengthen your technology infrastructure to do better than them. When it comes to complimenting your service with several different cutting-edge technologies, just a single mobile application will help you to perform many of these tasks.

Some facts to know

There are a few facts that you should know before you focus on creating a mobile app for your business. The potential of mobile app marketing goes beyond its reach to a larger section of your audience. Several types of research have found several reasons why most of the businesses, especially those sites like and others that rely on their online customers mainly, include a mobile app in their marketing tool kit. These are:

  • More than 50% of all eCommerce transactions typically happen through different mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • More than 85% of all consumers prefer using a mobile app rather than a mobile website of the same company and
  • The mobile apps happen to be the most significant enabler for businesses to drive stronger and better brand recognition.
Marketing Through App
Marketing Through App

Taking a cue from these facts, more and more business investors are now more inclined to include a hybrid mobile app into their marketing campaigns.

Moreover, the increase in the use of wearable devices shows how it has become an important and integral part of the lives of the people. With the apps integrated in them, it is not enough today to simply make your digital marketing just responsive! That means, in other words, your mobile app marketing strategy must be anything but traditional.

Ways mobile apps changed digital marketing

All of the above facts will surely help you to determine one specific thing about the digital market and its future: everything is going to be mobile. Therefore, it is time for you to gear up for this just like any other business.

Well, you may think that since you have already invested so much on your digital marketing efforts, whether or not investing more in creating and maintaining a mobile app will be a good and productive option to go for. Well, the answer lies in the fact that very soon you will have to take this path eventually, and these are the specific reasons for it.:

  • Gain more visibility: According to statistics of different market analyses, people, especially Americans spend more than two hours a day on their mobile phones and other devices. A mobile app will, therefore, help you to gain all-time visibility. However, to gain full-time visibility, your app needs to be relevant and provide a useful function that will allow the users to engage with your company. This will ensure that your app will be used much more beyond its initial download.
  • Direct the marketing channel: The mobile app will also help you in directing the marketing channels. Ideally, there are two specific things that will make your mobile app a worthwhile marketing asset for your business. First, it will provide you with a chance to be engaged with your target users at all times and secondly, it will be the direct means to interact with them. With just the push notification feature, you can be as close to your customers as you may want to be. The app will help you to inform your customers about the new arrivals and launches as well as help you to send reminders to them as and when it is appropriate about a product or a specific service.
Analysis on Digital Marketing
Analysis on Digital Marketing
  • Follow an innovative approach: Using a mobile app for your business is one of the innovative approaches that most businesses follow and therefore it will help you to stay current with the recent market trends. Irrespective of your business type, your existing customers will use your mobile app rather than your website or having to make a call to reach out to you at some point of time. Therefore, adding an app with your communication and marketing mix will make it much easier and more convenient for them as well as less troublesome for you.
  • Help in building CLV: In this modern world of business, if you want to succeed and do well you will need to build Customer Loyalty Value or CLV. Once again, the power of a mobile app can prove to be a great means for that. There are several ways in which you can do that such as by providing them with an opportunity to review their reward points through the app or by helping them to locate a retail store nearby where they can find the product they are looking for. It is only when you build a long-term customer loyalty value you will be able to find more return customers for your business.

Lastly, a mobile app will help you to respond to the search queries of your customers in a much better way. You will be able to resolve their problems faster and much more effectively. You can also keep a proper track of the rising demands of the customers as well as access information about them.

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