Is Rooting Safe For Your Android phone?


Is Rooting Safe For Your Android phone? Android is an open source platform you can do whatever you want with this operating system. You can modify the Android operating system by yourself. You can set the UI, set limits of RAM and memory by yourself. On your Android smartphone, you are given limited access. You can do settings of wallpapers, themes, and apps nothing more. Install and uninstall the app, but you can not use RAM define and overclocking. The reason for this Android operating system is the open platform, but mobile phone manufacturer company set the limits in it. Mobile phone company locks the core of the phone. Because of this, you can not tamper the hardware. You can not make changes in the RAM and the processor limit. For this reason, people want to Root Their phone so that they can control both hardware and software.

But the question is, is rooting your phone safe? Should we root our phone? If you ask me these questions, then I would say that if you do a lot of tests on your phone then you can route it but if you use your phone normally then do not root. Because this can damage your phone. We mention what is the phone rooting and it safe for your mobile or not.

Is Rooting Safe
Is Rooting Safe For Your Android phone?

Is Rooting Safe For Your Android phone?

Android is a mobile operating system built by Google, all the mobile phone manufacturer can use it. This is an open source platform, mobile phone manufacturers customize this operating system and serve it. You noticed, Samsung uses Samsung Experience, xiaomi MIUI, Oppo Color OS, and Huawei Emotion UI. All these companies are based on Android OS with different user interfaces. They tied the limits of the OS.

You can become a superuser by rooting the phone. After rooting, you are also able to access things that the company has stopped.

Why Rooting?

During the root, you unlock the core of the operating system. Android smartphone is based on Linux and the root word comes from the Unix / Linux operating system. Linux gives custom OS input on Linux computer at first. Through this, the user was given superpower. These services are provided in Android smartphones.

After rooting the phone you install custom os in it and you can change the code and user interface. Here you can make changes on your os After rooting the phone.

is phone rooting safe
phone rooting safe or not

is Operating System changes after root?

After rooting the phone you install a custom OS in it. Users thinking that somewhere the operating system changes after root? So let me tell you that the operating system remains Android only but a custom ROM is inserted in it. Custom ROMs are slightly more advanced than the simple Android operating system. Because you can set your features as per your needs. If you wish to set up, the Power button on the Camera and Volume buttons lock the screen and you can set graphics settings.

Is Rooting Safe?

As I mentioned earlier, Mobile rooting is not safe. There are many reasons for this.

  • Phone warranty ends after the route.
  • If there is a fault in the phone then the mobile phone manufacturer will not be liable for it.
  • A slight mistake can damage your phone and it will be completely dead.

Most of the mobile phone manufacturer modify the OS (Operating System) in such a way that you cannot root easily.