Top 10 Common Tech Myths Busted, That You Should Know


Common Tech Myths Busted: Hi, friends. I am Bittu. Today, I am writing about the Top 10 Common Tech Myths Busted, That You Should Know, which I going to clear in front of you. In the era of technology, we are learning a lot about technology. But, there are so many myths which we do follow every day.  Let’s start it.

Top 10 Common Tech Myths Busted, That You Should Know

Top 10 Common Tech Myths Busted, That You Should Know

1.  Bigger file = Better Quality:

So many literate persons think that we have to watch movie, videos. So, which quality we would download or watch? Most of the time, we would download large size. Because we think that the picture quality would be the very fine, but this is a myth. But you have remembered that The file size no matter, the videos can be optimized for 1 Gb. So, the quality 1 GB may be the same as 2 GB, but it does not happen at all time.

2.  Google, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp is Free:

First of all is Google, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp all are free. But, friends, these are not all free. These use all of your actions. These use your data, track your movements, and also track your browser.

3.  Rechargeable Batteries Save Money:

The battery is very necessary for our house. If you need to use the battery on regular basis, then the rechargeable battery is excellent, but if the battery is needed in the table clock, wall clock, TV remote, then you want to use the normal battery. Because the rechargeable battery is very much expensive and also consume the electricity.

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4. Online Hotel Search:

Have you searched online hotel? Because, if you search hotels, flights online from day to night, then the cookies will track your website and may increase the price. So, I will tell you that go to the incognito mode, where the cookies will not able to track your websites the main benefits is you can save money.

5. Better Cards for better Performance:

The 2nd myth is very dangerous. You require an excellent UHD or 4K camera and also need a high-speed memory card which can achieve your camera’s performance. You need the good quality camera and also with the good quality high-speed card.

6. Typing URL = No Phishing:

This is quite more critical than the previous one. In the address bar, if we type some website manually, then we are safe from attacking phishing. But, this is a myth. Suppose you type TheMentalClub.Com then this is redirected to the third party based website which is a malicious website. So, you don’t safe after phishing, you have to be cautious to enter the correct website.

7. 3rd Party Link= No Warranty:

There are so many people who think that after buying printers, if they use third-party ink, then their printer’s warranty will have lapsed. But, it is not done. You can use low quality ink. Your printer’s warranty would not have lapsed. Though your page experience will not be good, your printer’s warranty would not have lapsed.

8. Disk Partition is Necessary:

Friends who buy new laptops or computers, they always buy large capacity disk such 1 TB or 2TB or 3TB or 4TB. Then, you do the disk wall to get the better performance. But, this is a myth. To get the better performance, disk partition is not needed. Disk Partition always helps to divide the disk as you save your important things in a regular way.

9. Bitcoin is Illegal:

So many people think that to trade in the Bitcoin is not fully illegal. You can easily trade on Bitcoin. You can sell it, obtain it, there is no problem to purchase. In India, there is no problem. But, bitcoin is illegal in some countries.

10. X-Ray Damage Electronics:

When you visit in the flight, then your luggage will be verified by the X-Ray Damage Electronics. Then you think that the memory card, camera, headphone and also such other electronic methods will have slipped under the X-Ray electronic machine. But, this is simply a myth. Because this machine will never be changed by the electronic devices.

So, friends, these are the Top 10 Common Tech Myths Busted, That You Should Know. If you like my article, then please leave your comments in our comment box. Thanks.