What is Phishing and how is it and Surviving ways


Today, my article is: What is Phishing and how is it and Surviving ways. 

Many people are interested in hacking. Some people want to learn hacking or some people get rid of this. How do they hack, in what ways could be hacked, this leads to the possibility of what the hack your blog, good quality books after touching cannot understand unless you do not learn it first-hand.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a technique that many people in the way sensitive data such as user name, password, bank information, etc. were stolen, for example, the username of something, or the password of some transactions. The bank information is that in online to steal banking information, which could lead to the loss of one or more organizations. It’s seriously a crime before the law and could be jailed if caught in flagrante delicto with evidence and in some cases may be fine with jail.

However, I support it, of course you need to know about the trap otherwise when you would trap that would not know it. But, you learn it if you have no bad intentions. For example, now you have known username and password of somebody’s account. And without the misuse of the account you alert the person for his or her security. Now, as you wish what you will do.

How is the Phishing?


Through Email:

Suppose someone stealing your information in order that you sent an email that he has a bank worker in which bank you have an account. He sent mail to you as a bank mail. That he would request you to verify your account, so you will need to log into the site for links to sources. In this case, you are aware of Phishing and knowledge will be enough. If you do not know about it, then you really understand it that seriously bank wants to verify your account. For the link to the log, and the axe struck on your own feet. Thus, many people are ignorant about hacking and then, they trapped. Phishing is done through email at the most of the time.


Phishing Mail Example

Through Add: 

Suppose, you have visited site and you see that a lucky banner welcomes you that you are the 99999999 visitor to our site and they want to send 100000 rupees to your bank account. But for this, they required your password and username. And due to ignorance, you give your username and password. After you watch that you cannot enter in your account and steal your money from your account. Same work is also done with credit card.

Phishing: How the hackers do it?

In many times, the professional hackers are hacking in front of one selected person. But beginners’ hackers are hacking in front of many persons. Because, they are not sure that what do they do? A few days before the American presidential candidate Sarah Pali hack Facebook account and e-mail addresses as one of the Korean hackers. That hacker hack his user id and password by different way. 


Phishing hackers who usually make a fake domain that is ready in the script by using any of the popular Phishing deceive website and stole his information. Suppose, as an example – on your Facebook account with the profile picture of the beautiful young girl sent a friend request. Then accept her friend request. A few days later, he saw that she was uncalled for talking with you, suppose one of the words he said to her Twitter account to follow him, and you go to the link with your user name and password for logging in to follow, but you see that you cannot log in. Then you tell that girl, but the girl do not talk with you. In the next day, you cannot log in to your twitter account, i.e. your account is hacked.


In this case, if you may have the knowledge then you check the address link and verify it, but nothing was done due to ignorance.

Surviving some way (not enough):-

1.       Please use high quality internet security. In India, you get good quality anti-virus in between 1000-2500. Do not use cracks anti-virus, but buy a new anti-virus that you can be sure of its originality.

2.    Please verify the abnormal mails. Please avoid if some fraud mails come in your email such as: you win a lottery etc.

3.    If a site is actually one of the links on the site before you can use and both were taken directly to that page when you log in to the URL (web address) was checked. 

4.    Do not be too eager to see an ad or a photo. Consider it by thinking in cool mind.

5.   100 % stay away from porn sites. It would be good for the world to get the benefit of your world.