Do you know why does default drive “C” stay in Computer?


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Why “C” Is The Default Hard Drive In Many Computers?


Now the computer is almost a companion of our daily lives. For getting any question’s answer, almost all of us go to Google. At the vacation time, from seeing movies to listening music, keeping important record from the pictures of several moments in case of all we need a computer. But have you thought ever that for an unknown reason most of computer’s operating system stay in “C” drive? Or if you enter the pen drive or any USB drive into the  computer, then most of the time it shows as “F” or “G” drive. Why it doesn’t show anything as “A” or “B” drive?

To get its answer, we have to go back several decades. There would not any hard disk necessarily in old computers. Instead of this there would stay floppy disk. At that time two types of disk would get. There would be two different drives for that two types of disk in the computer. That drives were called “A” and “B” drive. In 1980 that is marked as “C” drive after the mandatory of hard drive in the computer. Then when the usage of floppy drive was gone, after that “A” and “B” drive was also were abolished.

floppy disk drive

But normally though there is “C” drive in computer, that can be changed if the computer’s owner has administrative rights.

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