Now track your Girl Friend or Boy Friend with Couple Tracker Android App


Amazing android app for tracking to couple or family members. Now you cam Smartly track your Girl Friend or Boy Friend or other family members by using this Couple Tracker Android App.

 Track your Girl Friend or Boy Friend

couple tracker

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Smartphone, smart app – is it right? I know it is right. Now a day Smartphone is a part of our life. But Smartphone’s apps make us more joy. So without apps Smartphone are nothing. Today I’m going to share an app for our real life. Recently an Android app has been developed for tracking someone. Lovers can track their girlfriend or boyfriend with this app.

Couple Tracker Android App

couple tracker

About Couple Tracker:

Couple Tracker is the best affair and cheating prevention and detection mobile application for couple, partners, lovers and husbands! Read more at: Google Play.

Features of Couple Tracker:

  1. Track Call
  2. Track SMS
  3. Track Facebook activities
  4. Track Location

track sms

It is a paid app. It has two versions, one is free and other is paid. The free version has some fewer features and paid version has more interactive features. If you want to use paid version/premium version, you have to pay some money. You can see the price on Google Play. But I’ll give you paid version of this app for free. Google Play Price: $4.32.

Download Couple Tracker Pro

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