How to Advertise in a World of Ad-Blockers 2018?


Hello Everyone, Do you know How to Advertise in a World of Ad-Blockers 2018? Last week, Google declared that they would be continuing recent ad-blocker parts to Google Chrome. You may be thinking that this means that it could lead to a decrease in ad impressions available to reach customers, but don’t panic!

How to Advertise in a World of Ad-Blockers 2018?

How to Advertise in a World of Ad-Blockers 2018

Naturally, the likelihood of the number of users who were seeing these ads in the first place was declining with the improve in ad-blockers being downloaded. By giving the web a ‘spring clean’ and eliminating the most menacing ads, auto-playing videos and flashing animated banners. Which can be argued that Google is making the web a more welcoming place to advertise – in fact, by making the industry clean up its act Google could be helping to save it.

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We already know that in the UK an estimated 10 million adults use ad-blockers – but why has this come about?

I summaries it like this: passive advertising.

Indeed, Google’s vice president of Google Chrome “Rahul Roy-Chowdhury” stated they have “seen more and more people express their dissatisfaction with disturbing ads by installing ad blockers.”

By updating their browser, Google has offered a solution to the irritating problem, supporting consumers against annoyingly large pop-ups which prevent them from viewing content they actually want to see.

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Consumers have frequently become frustrated by the crass nature of advertising and our industry has already been warned by people such Stephane Loerke, the CEO of the World Federation of Advertisers that “people are voting with their feet, people are frustrated and annoyed by the ad experience.” Unfortunately, there’s now a perception that ‘one size fits all.’

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In fact, more fundamentally as an industry, we are having to stand out in a world where consumers’ attention spans are extremely short.

So not only is a consumer’s attention span decreasing, it’s changing – we are becoming better at processing short bursts of information more quickly.

Given this, Google’s announcement comes as no surprise. Ad-blockers have appeared as a response to an age-old problem – the problem of irrelevant and often meddling ads. Google, one of the biggest players in the industry have simply returned to consumers’ needs.

How to advertise in a world of increasing ad-blocker usage?

The introduction of Google’s ad block reminds us that high-quality, relevant ads will win the race, so the answer for brands is obvious: targeting and personalization. Crucial to this is data and analytics.

Data in aggregate with thoughtful analytics around segment, intent, desire and more help advertisers deliver the personalized experience that will appeal to consumers.

There are many buzzwords around this in our industry but the crux as I have said is that we need to use the data available to us to deliver personalized, local advertising that appeals to the people at the right time.

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We need to look at technology and ensure that we have enough conversions any given day. By bringing in this accountability, digital advertising is changing.

It’s more accountable. It’s more clear. Above all, it’s setting a standard for what good ad tech needs to look like.

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We have to remember that what consumers want and what will drive better results for brands is ensuring that they reach the right people, with the right message at the right time. Yes, be impactful but being smarter is even better.

My Final Words:

Hope this post about How to Advertise in a World of Ad-Blockers 2018, is the little bit helpful for you. If we do all this – then the doom of ad-blockers will not have the ad-apocalypse that some predict. Please share this post on social media. having any quarries feel free to drop your comments below.