Computer Hardware Question Answer (Part 3)

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Top 50 Computer Hardware Question Answer

computer hardware

1: Which bus supports both 8 & 16 bit cards?

2: What should be the resistance of a good 15 amp fuse?
A: 0

3: How do you disable bus mastering on a notebook?

4: What would cause your IP address to change each time you log onto the network?
A: A DHCP server has been installed.

5: Software embedded on motherboard is referred to as?
A: firmware

6: What are the jumpers on a network card used to set?
A: I/O address

7: You want to be sure your PC is connected to the network. What you should do?
A: ping the server

8: Which is not a form of a network?
A: NAN (National area Network:)

9: Which of the following is not a kind of virus?
A: directory

10: What must never be connected to the same UPS the PC is using?
A: laser printer

11: Which of the following is a type of parallel port?

12: Which one of the following uses a DMA channel?
A: Sound Card.

13: When you boot up your computer you get a “Fixed disk” error. What is the cause?
A: Incorrect CMOS settings.

14: What is do you need to connect to a network resource?
A: access rights

15: What is the another name for twisted pair cable?
A: 10 baseT

16: What protocol do you use to transfer a file over the Internet?

17: What is ATAPI?
A: Mass storage hard drive

18: What must you have for a PCMCIA card to work?
A: Software Enabler

19: What does LBA do on older PCs?
A: Allows them to access drives over 504 MB.

20: What should you do before taking case off your computer?
A: Unplug all cables.

21: What is the I/O address for the hard disk controller?
A: 1F0h

22: What is the 34 pin connector used for on an I/O card?
A: Floppy

23: When do you need to discharge a CRT?
A: When you’re replacing an internal component

24: What is the I/O address for COM2?
A: 2f8h

25: What is the I/O address for COM4?
A: 2e8h

26: Which connector cannot be used for SCSI cabling?
A: 15 pin Centronics

27: In Peer-to-peer networks which of the following statements is true?
A: Each PC can access any other PCs data.

28: Which bus has up to a 16bit path?

29: What sort of chip has 168 pins?

30: Which port can you plug an ISA card or device into?

31: The Pentium II chip has a cache size of?
A: 512K, 256K

32: How many pins does a SVGA monitor cable have?
A: 15

33: A series 300 error is a problem with the ______.
A: Keyboard

34: At the end of a SCSI chain you should use a terminator. This terminator is actually what?
A: a resistor

35: What does the acronym SCSI stands for?
A: Small Computer Systems Interface

36: A label with the term “WARNING!” – what does it mean ?
A: A Potential for personal injury

37: A path of circuitry that connects the CPU to the expansion slots is called?
A: A Bus

38: What type of measurement is used for CPU speed?
A: MHz

39: When you begin to diagnose a computer problem, what is the best way to differentiate between a hardware and a software problem?
A: Boot from a “clean boot” diskette.

40: What  is the feature of EIDE devices?
A: ATAPI compliant

41: What data access width is used by Micro Channel Architecture (MCA)?
A: 16 & 32 bit

42: Which system board has a 64-bit bus?

43: On a hard disk, Tracks are divided into?
A: Sectors

44: Which processor chip was the first with the ability to multitask?
A: 386

45: Which type of 486 chip runs twice as fast internally?
A: 486DX2

46: Which type of 486 chip runs at 33mhz on the system board and 99mhz internally?
A: 486dx4

47: Which processor chip was the first to be considered fault tolerant?
A: Pentium

48: Which peripheral port provides the FASTEST throughput to a laser printer?
A: Parallel port

49: Which hardware component controls serial port communications?
A: UART 16550

50: On a 16-bit ISA bus, IRQ2 us elevated to which higher level interrupt?
A: 9

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