How to make a computer super fast?


There are some techniques for starting computer very soon. Computer user faces general problem daily. Example: if you turn on the computer, then it takes lots of time to start. You can face this problem, though your computer has no virus.

turn on pc quickly

Don’t worry, if you face this problem. Five techniques are given for the solution of this problem. These techniques are-

#1 Keep Desktop Clean:

Keeping Desktop clean and clear is the easiest technique for fasting boot time. That is to say how many files, folders, photos and program will stay in Desktop that much time will need to start of a computer. You may think there is nothing for staying a folder in Desktop, but there is a pressure for the sequencing boot of a computer, which can create a pressure on RAM (Random Access Memory) and slow total process. Especially, if your computer is not the latest version.

But, it is not like that to remove all from your Desktop. You can keep favourite programs on your Windows computer in the taskbar.

#2 Disable the startup programs:

Close that programs which had activated automatically at the time of starting the computer. Some applications activated automatically at the time of starting the computer, though all programs closed before turning off the computer. And this system is another reason for slowing computer. It happens, when you set ‘launch at startup without knowing anything at the time of installing some programs. In this case, opening the “Task Manager” by pressing ALT+CTRL+DELETE jointly, you can disable the “Start-up” programs in Windows.

disable start-up programs

#3 Clear Temporary Files:

If you click for the internet browsing at the time of switching on the computer, then obviously you have to delete storing temporary files and cookies. You will be able to browse faster if you delete cache and cookies. You may use “cCleaner” – the ultimate software for clearing cache and cookies or unwanted files in one click.

#4 Shut down your PC correctly

Don’t power off directly. Shut down/Turn off your PC properly. If you power off directly, your computer system may be crushed. The system may be hanged. For repairing the system, computers turn on slowly.

#5 Use the disk defragment tool

Your computer’s hard disk is also may slows your PC. Some sectors of your computer’s hard disk may crused for power off directly. So, you have to repair these corrupted areas, or you’ve to repair the bad sectors of your hard disk. “cCleaner” software allows to repair the bad sectors with the “Disk defragment tool”. Read: How to optimize HDD with Disk Defragment tool in Windows?

disk defragment tool in Windows 10

Type “Disk Defragment” in “Search the web and Windows” area to get the inbuilt defragment tool on Windows 10 PC.

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