5 Social Media Listening Tips – Gain More Insights on What Your Audience is Saying


Social listening is the process of social media monitoring which looks at the mentions of your brand, products, services, and competitors. This allows you to analyze, track, and respond on social media platforms.

Social Media Listening
Social Media

Social Media Listening

It is a tough job to make a powerful presence on social media platforms in this digital world. This technology helps you to know how your business is working in the market. The right strategies will help you understand:  

  •     Know what they say about the brand
  •     Track your mentions on social media platforms
  •     Evaluate the influence, reach, and tone of the social messages
  •     Analyze the relevant trends and data in the industry
  •     Create reports to understand the bigger picture
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Social Media Listening Services Tips to know more about your audience:

1.    What should you listen to?

Pay attention to the below section:

  •     Direct mention of your social media handle, products, brand name, and services
  •     Names of people related to your business
  •     Your competitors name mention similar services
  •     Topics relevant to your brand and business

This will help know if you have a positive or negative discussion about your business in the market.

2.    Record latest trends and influencers

You get the insights of your business by setting answers to some below things:

  •     What is your target audience interested in at the recent time?
  •     Any economic issues that can affect your business?
  •     Any loopholes that you can fill?

Be part of the conversations that matter to your audience. This will help in leaving an impression that you care about your audience. Social media influences that are popular in the industry can be effective brand partners. Many social listening companies help to collaborate with such influencers that can increase your reach in the market.

3.    Use the Correct tools

The primary social media listening services will use the best features of each platform. Some of them are:

Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms
  •     Facebook: It has a built-in search bar, Facebook Groups, Explore tab, Facebook for Business, Audience insights, and similar functions.
  •     Twitter: The built-in “trends for you”, tab search bar, Who to follow the tab, explore tab, and Twitter for business insights.
  •     Instagram: Follow hashtags, Search Bar, Instagram for business, discover bar, and consumer insights.

So, treat each social media platform differently to use its strengths and weaknesses efficiently.

4.    Understand your audience better

Social listening companies can help you get better insights into your target audience. These can be their demographics, interests, online behavior, and dislikes. All you need is to add the right keywords to get the required data. Various tools can help in collecting and analyzing the real-time data instantly.

The right content marketer will help in social media monitoring. They will devote themselves to make your blog posts, social media posts, articles, and videos more interactive.

5.    Track your competitors

The competition analysis is essential for marketing strategy and social media listening services. You can follow the below pattern:

Track competitors
Track competitors
  •     If something is working, then set the strategies to outperform that thing. Do something better and valuable.
  •     If something is not working, then look for how you can improve the customer experience.

This analysis helps to refine your business for better performance in the market.

How to perform successful social listening?

Select a tool

There are various social media listening tools available in the market. The essential factors that you can consider are what platforms they monitor, topics they track, how many keywords and phrases, and metrics to track.

Social media listening tool
Social media listening tool

Choose keywords

These tools use topics, phrases, and keywords to track the conversations on various social media platforms. It is essential to select the right keywords to target the right audience. Some considerations that can help in boosting your platform:

  •     Brand name and handles
  •     Competitors brand name, handles, and products
  •     Slogan
  •     Names of people in your company and your competitors
  •     Branded hashtags
  •     Misspellings of your competitors and your brands
  •     Product names which include misspelled words
  •     Industry buzzword
  •     Campaign keywords

Select your platforms

The next step is to choose the right platform for your social media monitoring. All social media have unique capabilities of social listening. If you are involved in B2B, then LinkedIn will be the central platform. If you deal with B2C platforms, then your powerful platforms will be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. While if you want to interact more with your audience, then Instagram might be the right platform.

B2B and B2C
B2B or B2C Platform

Analyze and take the final decision

Please don’t waste your resources by using them in the wrong manner. Take enough time to analyze the metrics and data of your social listening. This valuable information will help in making the right decisions for your business.

The most important things to track are top keywords, user engagement, negative keywords, and conversion rate.   


There are over 2.3 billion action users on social media platforms. They use such media to share opinions, concerns, complaints, and essential details. It is crucial to find success by social media monitoring, so experiment with various strategies. Social listening is booming in the market and helps businesses to gain insights that can strengthen their business.

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5 Social Media Listening Tips - Gain More Insights on What Your Audience is Saying
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