5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Conversion Rate Is Very Low


Facebook Ads are among the popular and affordable ways to promote your brand among new audiences and do more sales. As compared to running Ads on other platforms, Facebook is a more convenient, easy, and fast to scale platform. But, as more people are coming online and running ads for their brands, they receive a lower conversion rate.

Facebooks Ads
Facebooks Ads

The reasons behind the low conversion rate could be many and in this article, we will check out some major reasons. If you are planning for a paid campaign or already running Facebook ads, then this post would be very useful to you. In this post, we will dive into core reasons and see what are some common mistakes that you need to avoid.

Not enough targeted audience data

Facebook ads need all the data upfront unlike other ad platforms and for running properly and in a profitable way, you need to have complete data. Most people fail to recognize their target audience and that is the main reason they don’t get the desired conversion rate.

Has not enough data
Has not enough data

Many startups made the common mistake of selecting the wrong ad type and entering a very broad or narrow audience demographics. If you are a startup, then it would be best for you to start with brand awareness ads with a local target audience. This will help you gain an edge over your competition and attract more potential customers. Run some ads and understand how the audience is interacting with your brand so that you can refine your marketing strategy.

Target parameters optimization

There are so many target parameters available in the Facebook Ads dashboard and beginners or first-time users made the mistake of not optimizing them all. Be it audience creation, to ads running times, and budget optimization, each and every parameter has its own importance. If any of the important parameters are not optimized well, the ad budget will get wasted or it will bring a poor conversion rate.

Facebook Ads Target
Facebook Ads Target parameters optimization

To avoid such mistakes, make sure you do comprehensive research on what are the goals that you want to achieve from running ads. Once you figure that out, start filling each parameter with the mind-set of creating target-focused ads. There is no one fit all formula in optimizing the target parameters, you need to optimize them as per your business.

No direct sales ads

Most people’s ads don’t convert well because they create their copies with the intention of directly selling their products immediately. This is a wrong approach because Facebook is a social networking site and people visit Facebook to interact with their friends.

In such ecosystems, if anyone tries to sell something directly, users will definitely neglect such ads. Instead of this, you need to create informative and storytelling-based ads that will create an impression of your brand. When you will see your brand outside Facebook, they will instantly recognize and then there are high chances that they might buy from you from the official platform.

People confuse Facebook Ads with Google Ads but they are poles apart from each other. People visit Google with the intention of buying something. On the other hand, People treat Facebook ads as a source of learning about your brand or your services.

Doing mistakes in creating ad copies

If someone is getting a lot of impressions but only a few clicks, then they have made mistakes in creating ad copy. Just like selecting the targeted audience, it is also important to pick the right ad that will bring higher engagement.

If you are getting lower clicks, then you need to perform A/B testing to check which version of your ad performs the best and brings more conversions. Talking about conversions, there could be many types like liking the page, watching a video, or buying a product. Depending on your requirements, prepare A/B testing and start doing experiments with it. You can also hire a digital marketing company that can help you in creating some compelling ads for your brand.

Not having a compelling UX

When a user clicks on the ad and still doesn’t take any action, then there are high chances that the landing page is not optimized for the ads. A poor user interface, not optimized for mobiles, or too many pop-ups or ads can ruin the experience and the user will bounce off.

So, to avoid such things, make sure the landing page is clean, crisp and it should not force the user to take any action immediately as email subscribes with a pop-up. Instead of doing this, engage the audience with some useful information and grow your on-page time.

These were some common reasons behind Facebook ads don’t convert well and the ultimate conversion rate is on the lower side. Take care of these things while you prepare your next articles and you will for sure gain better results.