Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Choice?


So, you’re passionate about computers and you want to choose a career that will allow you to incorporate your love for tech in some way. You’ve thought about graphic design, data science, data visualization, network security and software engineering, but the one career path that attracts you the most is digital marketing. You’re here because you’re unsure of whether digital marketing is a good career choice and you may be concerned about pay, job security and job satisfaction. If so, we’re about to put your mind at ease and answer the burning question of is digital marketing a good career choice?

Career in Digital Marketing
Career in Digital Marketing


Unlike other career choices in the field of tech, digital marketing is one that has minimum entry requirements. Many people all over the world are, in fact, earning substantial money with no official college qualifications. That said, you can stand out and take your education to the next level by getting a degree in E-Business and Digital Marketing. Do this and you’ll be able to get ahead of the competition and look to secure higher-paying jobs and better job security. The major upside of this is you’ll be able to pay back the student loan that you took out with a private lender to pay for college much quicker and you’ll enjoy higher job satisfaction. It’s a win-win.


Are you creative? Do you love to think outside the box and apply your ideas to real-world projects? You’ll have plenty of opportunities to exercise your creative streak with this career choice. Content production, video editing, and graphic design are just three of the areas where you can let your creative juices flow. Your task, in most job positions, will be to create marketing strategies that will help your client blow their competitors out of the water. Creativity is a great skill to have here as you can see what they’re doing and use those findings as the basis of a creative and unique strategy for your client.

Job Availability

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

More and more businesses are realizing the importance of having a strong presence online. They know that having a website is not enough and the majority of business owners are now heavily investing in digital marketing. That said, there is a growing demand for qualified professionals in every facet of this industry so you’ll never have any problems with the availability of jobs.

It’s Easy to Kickstart Your Career

In more traditional career choices like advertising, you’d have to wait for a graduate placement or an internship to gain experience and build a portfolio. This isn’t the case in the world of digital marketing and you can, in fact, give your career a huge head start before you graduate from college. Start early by starting a blog and becoming an authority on a specific niche. Reach out to companies and offer your services for free or a reduced rate so you can gain valuable experience in communicating with clients. Showcasing your talents on social media is another great option to get your name and abilities out there.