Things to keep in mind while creating a marketing strategy in 2021


Many of us, in 2020, had our marketing strategies planned out for the next year. But the pandemic delayed your prospects of becoming a successful business owner. In 2021, if you want to gain your position back into the competition, you have to be extremely responsive and up and about. Making a clear-cut and modernized marketing strategy for the New Year will help in preparing yourself and overcoming the challenges.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

Here are some of the top 5 aspects that must be borne in mind while creating a marketing strategy in 2021

Budget-cutting plans

Due to worldwide lockdown and pandemic, many businesses witnessed the effects of the significant downfall of the economy. All the sectors, from food, education, entertainment, hospitality, etc experienced a big shock as people chose to stay in isolation. This had a great impact on everyone, and around 70 percent planned to reduce their budgets in 2021.

Nevertheless, budget cuts also include cutting expenses on expensive advertisements and converting to organic ways of reaching out to the audience, and improving brand recognition.

Hence, the key is to find out cost-effective ways of reaching out to your target audience, without resorting to high paid advertisements. However, this option needs creativity. Start spreading informative and attractive content with the help of blogs, articles, or connect with your clients over social media platforms or by sending emails to them.

Create an extraordinary persona for your product or brand and make sure that the content you are offering, be it organic or paid, provides premium quality content to your customers.

Go digital

Statistically speaking, in 2020 with the pandemic and the global lockdown, there was around a 68 percent surge in sales for online businesses in comparison to 2019. This has proved the fact that retailers, who have a significant presence in different social media channels, are expected to be in a better position in 2021.

Your marketing strategy should consist of a detailed analysis of your website. Check if your site is easy to access and navigate. You should also optimize your website so that its organic search ranks top.

The business website should be regularly updated, modernized, and visible on all your social media channels. More than half of America’s population has admitted that the use of social media platforms increased substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inform your target audience about your brand, send them engaging and educational posts, and keep your presence as dynamic as possible by creating attractive videos through food software. Do not forget about the paid advertising, those counts too!

Go for an Omni-Channel approach

With the ever-growing dependence on social media, people expect to see your product everywhere they are online. Hence, it becomes an important marketing strategy for you to be present on every channel, something known as omnichannel outreach. This enhances your customer service on online platforms.

This may sound a bit overwhelming at first but once you start using this infrastructure, you are good to go. 2021 is all about your social presence online and modernizing your business and the journey with your clients.

Your customers should not face troubles while browsing your page or making a purchase. Hence, ensure that your online service is easy and accessible to all. Go for a contactless approach for delivering the products and always present your company as responsible and reliable.

Establish loyalty through valuable service

Quite unfortunate for businesses in 2020, that witnessed a substantial fall in consumer loyalty once the stores started to reopen after the lockdown. So, in 2021, it is all the more important to reconnect and win back your customers in the shortest time possible. Create marketing strategies of sharing values with your clients.

While you plan to upgrade the persona of your brand for your audience, you need to consider all the things that are essential for them. Your marketing strategy should combine all such values so that you can satisfy your clients the most.

For instance, talking about millennial, their values will reflect their personality and you need to add value to their experience. It is all about translating your product into your customer’s experience.

Evaluate the metrics

Last but not the least, no matter how big or small your business is or what you are selling, your marketing strategy in 2021 should have estimated objectives or goals to evaluate whether the strategies are bringing success or failure.

There are analytical tools that keep a track of your moves. Educate yourself about these tools and how to reap the maximum benefit out of them.

While analysing your metrics, make sure you are observing the right data. Prioritize those macro conversions that measure the health of your business like Ad spends, leads, costs, etc. Also, remember to consider the micro-conversions that optimize your accounts.

Micro conversions take place when a customer adds your product into the cart, sends a cart through email or other platforms, views vital pages of your site, or downloads a PDF from your page. Take some time out and discuss with your marketing department and track every step your customers make.


To sum up, the best marketing strategy is to be prepared at all times and remain optimistic. Many businesses failed to reach their audience in 2020 because they were not able to or too rigid to make adjustments with their marketing strategies. Customers have changed their attitudes or behaviour, hence, your strategies should be flexible enough to meet their changing needs.

Digital marketing has become the present and is going to be the future. It is ever-changing and ever-updating. So, what was brand new in 2020, may land up in the garbage in 2021. Have confidence in your marketing team and your business.

Make all the necessary changes required to meet the needs of your customers. Additionally, take some time to think about how fast you can bring about changes in your business without incurring too much cost. You will be surprised to see how your brand accomplishes the targets with its social media presence in 2021.

Ankit Thakor is a strategic thinker and visionary who can see the big picture and focus on key issues to accomplish established goals. He is a Saas Marketing Specialist at SoftwareWorld - Software Technology Review and Rating Platform.