7 Rewardingly Advanced Influencer Marketing Tools of 2021


Do you know 70% of teens trust influencer marketing? As a matter of fact, 49% of consumers are said to depend on influencer recommendations. If we are to take these statistical facts into consideration, the scenario seems pretty promising for the new age marketers worldwide. In a world where word-of-mouth plays a crucial role in every aspect and across all concepts of consumerism, influencer marketing will definitely make its presence felt in a promising way.

For instance, every 6 out of 10 students tend to depend on and trust genuinely academic reviews provided by certified academicians before getting in touch with an essay writer online. Not only essay helpers or academic services, but the power of influencer marketing or social media reviews has also spread its wings across a lot of other domains. So, if you are a digital marketing aspirant, or a consumer who is looking forward to relying on the words of a leading social media influencer, take some time to read this blog.

Here are the seven most resourceful influencer marketing tools you must keep an eye on, in 2021.

influencer marketing
influencer marketing

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  1. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is apparently one of the most sought-after influencer marketing tools that have many resourceful features to offer in 2021 and beyond.

Key Features:

  • The tool lets you narrow things down and add tags to your search filters by specifications such as bloggers, influencers, companies and individual articles.
  • This resourceful tool allows you to search for Instagram and Twitter and keep a tab on the latest social media trend and marketing progresses across different industries.
  • With this platform into play, you can easily automate your entire email sequence, which includes initial mail threads as well.
  • In addition to each of these, the official website of NinjaOutreach offers a plethora of informative industry-friendly blogs for you to read and explore.

Pricing: $119 – $199 per year

  1. BuzzSumo

This is yet another notable influencer marketing tool that has great potentials in offering the right industry insights and helping users implement the right strategy.

Key Features:

  • The platform lets you filter your search in an organized manner and find out whether the influencer is a blogger, company, journalist or common man.
  • In addition, BuzzSumo offers other filters to look for influencers on the basis of metrics such as verified status, location, and activity.
  • BuzzSumo, as one of the most popular influencer marketing tools, has been built and designed to support platforms such as Twitter and Blogs.
  • Also, this technically advanced tool comes with a 30-day free trial package for all users.

Pricing: $99 – $499 per month

  1. Pitchbox

Talking of the most resourceful and technologically well-developed influencer marketing tools of 2021, Pitchbox certainly gets a special mention. It has a couple of rewardingly resourceful features that keep it ahead of the rest.

Key Features:

  • Pitchbox allows you to find potential influencers with the help of simple keyword search.
  • In addition, the tool is integrated with SEO services such as SEMRush, Moz and Majestic.
  • Once you would have some influencers worth connecting with, Pitchbox will send you customized outreach emails, along with automated follow-ups as well.
  • This, as a result, this will help you enjoy the benefits of automated follow-ups without surrendering to the burden of manual efforts required for following up.
  • Also, the tools state-of-the-art built and design allow users to experience seamless functionalities and bug-free experiences in every crucial aspect.

Pricing: $195 – $395 per month

  1. Dovetale

If we are to cite the seven best influencer marketing tools in 2021, Dovetale is definitely one of them. This tool is more of real-time analytics which has the potential to take your brand to the top-notch position. Of course, there are other applications that make Dovetale one of the hottest names in every marketer’s search list.

Key Features:

  • Dovetale offers dual ways to keep a tab on your favorite influencers.
  • With the “Discover” mode, you get to search for influencers using keywords and then filter your preferences according to “total reach” and “location”.
  • In addition to it, Dovetale offers a “Monitor” mode. This feature allows you to track your key competitors and monitor which influencers are engaging with your industry competitors.
  • Also, the tool allows you to manage payments and collect tax details right away from the Dovetale interface.
  • Take note of the fact that the resourcefully advanced tool supports digital platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Pricing: Dovetale subscriptions start at $199 per month.

  1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social is one of the most rewardingly appreciable influencer marketing tools that offer a super seamless user interface and a myriad of advanced features for all users. It has been designed and developed to take you through the process of implementing influencer marketing strategies without much of a hassle.

Key Features:

  • This platform is well-known for offering a reliable and resourceful influencer database.
  • You get to find influencers belonging to different industry niches.
  • The “Advanced Search” feature helps users to search for influencers and narrow down your queries based on specific campaign requirements and the likes.
  • With Unbox Social, you are entitled to find micro-influencers, macro-influencers, celebrity influencers and nanoplatforms from different professional backgrounds and preferences.

Pricing: Unbox Social is available to you for $4,798.63 per year.

  1. AspireIQ

This is yet another mentionable influencer marketing platform that comes with a myriad of rewarding features in support of streamlining the influencer marketing process. The platform allows you to discover influencers, connect with them, follow them up and gauge your influencer marketing campaign accordingly.

Key Features:

  • The tool offers the potential to evaluate your influencers’ credibility and figure out whether they are safe for your brand and its reputation.
  • As a result, you can embrace safe practices and rope in the right influencer in an endeavor to build the coveted brand reputation.
  • Also, AspireIQ allows you to track campaign progresses, so that you can implement the right marketing strategy further and win over all complexities with precision.
  • The advanced version of this particular tool is said to ease things up further with smoother user interface and seamless technical functionalities in every form and shape.

Pricing:  The tool comes with free trial offers, but premium pricing information hasn’t been provided by the vendor.

  1. Captiv8

If you aim to find the right influencer for your business or brand and curate effective marketing content at the end of the day, then Captiv8 is supposedly the right choice for you. The tool hosts a myriad of advanced functionalities, crafted and built, solely for the purpose of taking your digital marketing aspirations to the right platform of recognition.

Key Features:

  • The platform provides its users with detailed reporting and other industry insights.
  • This helps them to take a close look at the current industry trends, and how effective their marketing strategies are proving out to be.
  • Once you have the right analytics and detailed report to refer to, implementing or modifying the existing marketing strategy gets much easier.
  • In addition to it, the tool comes with an interactive dashboard for its users to review, edit and approve content.

Pricing: The influencer database in Captiv8 comes absolutely for free.

Parting Thoughts,

Now that you are aware of the seven best influencer marketing tools to make its presence felt in 2021, embrace the best tool that would suit your niche best. After all, in this era of digital advancement, you should leave no stone unturned to leverage the potential of more of such advanced marketing tools to reach your goals in the long run.


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