How Instagram Will Change Marketing In 2020


Instagram is one of the most popular sites with a following that amounts to one billion active users every month.  Not only has this site created opportunities for business, but it is one of the reasons why brands continue to evolve and achieve success when they use positive marketing strategies to take their organizations abroad. If you want to focus on the marketing trends and challenges in 2020, you can focus on the following.

  • Making tweets viral on Instagram

The engagement rate you want to accomplish through Instagram depends on the nature of the content whether it is through video and photo formats. Sharing tweets is also becoming popular today. If you also have a page of your business on Twitter and have customers engaging with it, you can post those tweets on Instagram if they can help in promoting the business. Even though, you can abstain from using political topics on this platform that are intensely strong, you can always put those topics on the forefront if they are not related to sexuality and race.

  • Authenticity of influencers

Instagram is one of those platforms that used to be the perfect medium for posting photos and videos. However, people are no longer attracted to perfect photos, and instead to focus on the anomalies. Therefore, the honesty of influencers is a significant aspect today as more people prefer to show their paunch, and businesses try to show their errors that have served them as learning lessons. Furthermore, you can expect a different reaction from influencers in the live broadcast. Therefore, your products need to pick honest reviews from users and highlight on pros and cons so that it does not appear that you are trying to be pushy while selling it.

  • Significance of content

It is a rule for businesses today to create contents through tools that are readily available in the market. If you analyze the trends of Instagram stories, brands and influencers have successfully acquired more followers with posts that are honest instead of curated stories. However, that does not signal that you can say goodbye to those unique photos that are loaded with quality. The users are more responsive towards assembled posts that focus on perfection and they are more curious about the story behind every shot on this social media network and the things between the feeds. In short, people follow those posts to which they can relate with ease.

  1. Content that is original and unfiltered is gaining more followers than those crafty posts.
  2. Your content needs to be realistic and synchronize with the thoughts of readers.
  3. Instagram users must feel that they can connect with a brand while following a business.
  4. When posting professional photos and videos on Instagram, you have to strike the right balance.
  • Standing for a significant cause

Instagram will not restrict itself to a platform that is merely used for socializing, but it is a benchmark. Today, you will find more and more Instagram users which support those brands that in turn work for charitable causes. To speak preciously, brands that resort to social issues appear more approachable to customers. Whether it is about reaching the masses locally or taking to long-term international projects, using the Instagram account to convey the valuable aspects of business or the social causes your support is emerging as trends in the years to come. With followers coming from different walks of life, Instagram will remain one of the trendiest platforms during recent years.

  1. Instagram users like to extend their support for those businesses that are involved in social causes.
  2. While promoting the concept of CSR and the programs related to it, it is easy to establish a bond between users and brands for meeting their needs and responsible for bringing positive changes.
  3. Users try to look for those brands that have similar values matching their temperaments.
  • Instagram shopping

Instagram is gradually merging as one of those platforms that are suitable for online sales and it is not only related to brands that are adding buy links along with their product posts. Today, you will come across an entire community of sellers that target customers through Instagram. Due to the visual features of this platform, brands find it right for showcasing their goods, and the networking aspect facilitates the connection between buyers and sellers. Brands often pay for Instagram views to enhance their reach.

Instagram Vertical Video
Instagram Vertical Video
  • Vertical videos

Due to the overuse of mobile phones to reach social media networks, the emergence of vertical video is practical. However, Instagram has popularized this video format extensively. From Stories, IG Live to IGTV, all support the vertical video format as it is mobile-friendly as well. Brands are also enthusiastic about this video format whether it is for shoeing, products, running contests and giveaways, or showcasing tutorials.

  • Encouraging localized social platforms

For a long time, Facebook and Instagram have continued to dominate the scenario of social media, although localized social platforms have also started showing an upward trend.

  • Customization is the key

Several brands today are trying to focus on customization, although it is a relatively new trend on social media. Even though brands are not in favor of customization for the content they post in social media, they can always personalize the advertisements for targeting more customers.

  • Instagram generating revenue

Instagram is one of the most highly enticing platforms for advertisers with high rate of engagement than any other social media network. Due to attractive visual layout and options to target from Facebook, you can create and design ads that pop on this platform. No wonder, IG alone contributes to ten percent of the revenue of Facebook. However, the money-making feature of Instagram can ruin the Instagram experience.

Options on Explore tab

The Explore tab was initially restricted on Instagram and it has become bigger over the years. Although there are multiple segments on the Explore tab that come from posts and likes, IG ads are likely to come up on the tab as well and things can look better in 2020.

When it comes to social media marketing strategy, Instagram is one of the most vital components. It is one of those platforms that bring more followers and the outreach of this network is massive. Quite naturally, the network is always trying to serve people. More businesses today are considering the challenges of marketing on this platform to boost their presence.

Karen Anthony is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.