How much are secure your personal data/files in the cloud or Google drive or One drive?


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine for most merciful god’s blessings. I’m also fine for that great god’s blessing and for your prayer. Nowadays it is definitely a good idea to preserve photo, music, video, personal file in computer hard drive. But computer hard drive could be suddenly crass or steal- there is a cloud storage solution for saving from this situation-because we don’t like ever to loss our required data.

How Secure Are Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive And Cloud Storage Services?


It seems online storage is very cheap and trustful. Many storage companies give confirmation of not losing files, because they keep a backup of your file. Then nothing to worry, isn’t it? One minute!!! You may have forgotten that there are your files in the internet. And how much are securing your personal files? – It is main discussed the matter of today.

Risk of cloud security:

How much are secure yours or my preserved personal or any data in the cloud? We need to be aware of some important security issues for getting right answer to this question. Is password enough secure management for accessing your file? Or, have these files required for encrypting? Let’s start to discussing its details.

#1. The password can be hacked:

The password can be hacked easily, but I’m not saying that the password is not secure. But there is a risk of using only password. As a result of dictionary and brute force attack, password can be cracked. You know the meaning word of dictionary, “vocabulary”-such a dictionary hacker has where probable all passwords are recorded and trying that passwords are tried to get user granted one after one through a brute force attack. Now you have taken service from such a cloud provider, those who give only password protection, but select strong password, use such a password which is not in general dictionary and changing password regularly.


In spite of that, changing password regularly decreases the possibility of being successful in brute force attack. Now you will say, “How I remember so much password?”- Don’t worry, you can preserve your password easily by using a good password manager. But you should notice in this case, you should really use the best password manager.

#2. Data can be noticed:

You sat at a computer, launched internet connection, logged in cloud for backup your favourite pictures from the camera, and then uploaded, yes, now you became free! But do you know that, hackers can convey your uploaded data to themselves before reaching to actual server? Yes, hacker can control on your internet traffic totally and can change the way of any uploaded file. If you upload data by using any website then notice definitely that, is there any valid SSL certificate on site or not? (Generally “https” writing is seen in browser before website’s name). If there is SSL on the site, then it will encrypt all exchanging data between you and the server, as a result of this hacker can’t able to read your data. If you upload files by using any app, then check definitely has that app used encryption at the time of exchanging data or not? And remember one more thing must, never exchange anywhere your personal file by connecting any public network or public Wi-Fi.

#3. Social engineering:


Remember, men can be more dangerous than computer and its technical terms. Never share your password with anyone. Fake call can come to you by naming customer care and you can be tried by understanding through act and making you firm belief that he is a real person. Just ignore all these type of calls and stay away from sharing a password with anyone anyway. Remember, if technical support care calls you then it will want a little bit information, never want your password.

#4. Corrupt cloud provider:

It may be happened that from whom you have taken cloud service by exchanging very cheap or more money, he has become failure to show you his honesty, the most terrible thing is, you may not be caught them ever their robbery. Many online data storage services can give you certainty that, they keep your data encrypted. But experts said, there is no way to understand that have your data files encrypted in online data storage or not? And as you can’t understand, what is happening, so you will not able to trust anyone.

In this way provider is doing business by telling a lie. Or such thing may happen also, any file of you is in Government’s eye. I have known at the time of researching for this article, most of provider gives you false promises by taking encryption. Or suppose really they have encrypted your data, it doesn’t mean that, only you have this decrypting key-it may have also in any worker of that company and from there that may be misused. Or government also has this decrypting key.

Service providers can make you sure that, only you have the key for encrypting and decrypting your data, but according to one security expert, there is no way to know this, that any other man has accessed your data or not? As a normal user you will never able to know these. So before taking service from any cloud provider, check its history definitely, and don’t involve your personal files in danger ever for cheap service greed.

#5. Server hack:

Not targeting on any particular user and targeting on total server, the hacker can attack because more information means more profit. If hacker controlled on the whole cloud server then what you will do as a normal user? Where user database of company like Yahoo can be hacked then it is normal matter of being hacked small and large provider’s server. Or such thing may happen for any problem in the data center, suppose due to fire your all data can be destroyed. Data Centre is not near to your house, there anything can be happened in any moment, you will not able to do anything. Then where is your file’s security? So it is good to think of taking service from a service provider by selecting the best one definitely. Or you may have thought your data is in Google drive or one drive of Microsoft, that can’t be hacked ever. Yes, your concept is nearly correct, many data of them are in centre and their security management is very tight, but remember friend, still now any system is not improved in this computing world which is hack proof.

#6. Government:

Government can be a main reason for breaking your security. If any details are wanted by the government to a service provider, then they have to give obediently, even they can investigate with your account suspiciously. Per year some thousand notices come to Google Company from government, for accessing any user’s account. There is nothing impossible in this technical world, you may have thought, “Brother I’m not a criminal! Why government will want my account?” It may be like that, any hacker has used your device for attaining crime, or being affected by Malware, you have made hacker to access. So in this situation, it will be very easy to find you before finding hacker.

Last Word:

So at last in which decision did we reach? Are your data/files secure which are preserved in the cloud? In one word answer; no, it is not totally secure. Your data’s security in the cloud is very less than your local storage device. But it is required to keep in mind that, most of the time it is done for you only. So practicing security is the most required to keep secure any information in online or internet. You can learn many things and even practice from security category of this blog. Your practice can make your security strong, it will not done if you think just, “There is my file in the cloud, so it is 100% secure.”

Thank you all for giving your valuable time for reading this article. I hope this article will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.