Download Most Popular Extensions of Google Chrome


Google Chrome is a popular web browser and maximum people use Google Chrome. I think you also use Google Chrome. Now, take the extra advantage of Google Chrome by using Google Chrome Extension. Google chrome has lot extension. You can use your requirements. All the extensions will give you an extra advantage because all extensions have own features. Sometimes we call an extension as add-ons. If you use Mozilla Firefox then you will see that it has also add-ons like Google Chrome Extension. Download Most Popular Extensions of Google Chrome.

Download Most Popular Extensions of Google Chrome

Now, see the list of Most Popular Extensions of Google Chrome – you can download all the extensions. Download links have been given a description area of every extension.

Most Popular Extensions of Google Chrome 2018

If you are a Google Chrome user then must use all these extensions.

1. Awesome Screenshot Capture & Annotate: This extension used to take the screenshot of any webpage. Download Now

2. Google Dictionary: You have no need to type any keyword for searching – just double click on target word or phrase for searching. Download now

3. Too Many tabs for Chrome: This extension will work for those who browse by opening many tabs at a time. Because this extension can manage many tabs. Download Now

4. AutoPager Chrome: A browser Extension for autoloading paginated web pages. AutoPagerize uses in many websites, and provide effective web browsing. Download now

5. TinEye Reverse Image Search: To find similar images quickly on the web. Download now

6. AdBlock Plus: To block all types of boring advertisement on your webpage. Download now

7. Black Menu: Quickly search almost everything Google is capable of – get easy access to the most commonly used Google services, available at any time. Download now

8. Turn Off The Lights: The entire page will be fading to dark, so you can watch the video as if you were in the cinema. Download now

9. Personal Blocklist: Blocks domains/hosts from appearing in your Google search results. You can block any website. Download Now

popular extension for chrome browser

10. Social Fixer: If you are a Facebook user then it will be very using full for you. Social Fixer for Facebook fixes annoyances, adds features, and enhances existing fBe funkily to make FB more fun and efficient. Download now

11. Befunkey photo editor: Edit photos over online. Download Now

12. Invite all friends: Invite all your Facebook friends with one click. The FB tool that scrolls and selects all friends. Download no

13. Web to pdf: Save all the webpage as PDF. Download now

14. Downloads: You can download any file from the web by using this extension. Download now

15. Google Translate: Translate any language to your own language. Download now

16. Gmail Offline: Store all emails from Gmail on your local PC and read it when you are in offline. Download now

17. PanicButton: Hide All Tabs Just in Single Click. Download now

18. TubeBuddy: Allows you to check your competitor’s Tags, Earnings much more…Download Now

19. Simple Allow Copy: Allows you copy any website content which is being protected. Download Now

20. User Agent Switcher: Download Now


How to delete GoSaveo extension from Google Chrome?

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