Eligibility or Minimum Requirements for Computer Science Study and its Opportunities


Should we study computer science? Can I do it? Can I make my career better by studying computer science? Many people have asked this type of question.

Actually, you have to take the answer of this question yourself. If you want to be expert in this matter from your mind, and you are interested in give the lots of time, then you can study computer science or IT which I think. Actually, I will discuss present and future demand of computer science or IT.

Computer Science Study

Let’s know the Minimum Requirements & Opportunities:

  1. The computer is the part of which we will do in future. Really it is impossible to walk in every work without it in the 21st century.
  2. Computing will help you to accept new challenges. In spite of that there is no alternative of computing for skill improvement in your life.
  3. It is Impossible to walk without a huge use of computer science or IT in each case of Engineering, business, entertainment and education.
  4. Computer Science can presents you extraordinary career. Here you will get highest salary and the career of highest satisfaction. In future you can be maker of huge development through this profession.
  5. One Survey of USA shows, there is the massive lack of experienced worker in the field of IT. This survey has said that it is possible to make the best potential work field in this IT sector. They have said, they have searched talent always in this sector. Then think about other country yourselves- what is the chance in this sector?
  6. In spite of that, though you work in another work by studying in IT, you will get more advantage from others. ( Researched)
  7. There are more chance to work in IT. In case of your choice, you can walk willingly.
  8. If you are not efficient in computing yet you can work officially and make own work field.
  9. World record says, actually there is no boundary of job in IT sector. Actually you can wander in all sector of the world through this commuting.
  10. But one thing is not complete if I don’t say that in our country those who have studied about the computer, they may think themselves something great.
  11. But the real truth is – if you can’t be efficient in any sector in your own effort side by side your academic study, then going to work field you may face danger very much in future.

Computer Science Study

Computer science is a subject of knowing practically, that’s why make yourself efficient in your effort, because academically you will get less practical knowledge.

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Biswajit Das
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