Now run 14 messengers with one software. See it quickly. If you miss, then you will lose!


If it is said that those who use the internet, among them, they have a computer or laptop. Is it or not? Sure?

Yes, it is real. So, we don’t want to install more software in our favourite computer or laptop. Because the speed of computer or laptop begins slow which we don’t like at all.

all in all messenger app

Will we not use for that reason?? Of course not! If it is like that, there are more using soft wares in one software for that it will like different!

We came with it, 14 messengers will use among them! Whom I gave name All in One!

Franz – All in One Messenger App for Windows, MAC & Linux

franz_all in one messenger app

Skype/Facebook Messenger/What Sapp and 11 more soft wares will use with this app without any type of problem. And in present this app is only created for operating windows systems. In future you will get android, Windows Phone and apps for IOS. (Very happy? Isn’t it?)

See the screenshot, I’m using Facebook messenger in this app:

facebook messenger in all in one app

And the screenshot of Whatsapp:

whatsapp messenger

Do you wish to download this software now? Isn’t it??

Click here to download this “All in One Messenger” app

Thank you!

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