Windows 10 Theme Pack for Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC


Want to access full features of Windows 10 before releasing the final version? Download Windows 10 Theme Pack for Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC. I’ve published an article for downloading a preview version or technical preview version of Windows 10. But, the file size of this OS is more than 2 GB or 3 GB. If you want to use all the features of Windows 10 without downloading full O/S, then you can use this theme. The name of this theme is “Windows 10 Transformation “.

Windows 10 Theme Pack (Windows 10 Transformation)

windows 10 theme pack

Features of Windows 10 Transformation

  1. Added Cortena-like search bar as removable option
  2. Added UltraUXThemePatcher auto-removal during installation
  3. Changed theme engine back to UxStyle with installer fixes
  4. Fixed bug that causes blank navigation pane on x86 software
  5. Fixed Microsoft .NET Framework requirement for start menu feature
  6. Fixed replacing system files redirection bug on x64 system
  7. Updated new system resources from Windows 10 build 10049
  8. Updated screen wallpapers from Windows 10 build 10049
  9. Updated Start Menu color scheme to match with Windows 10 build 10049
  10. Updated Windows 7 visual style with Windows 10 Technical Preview Theme for Windows 7 by mare-m
  11. Updated Windows 8/8.1 visual style with Windows10 TP 9926 Theme Windows 8.1 by cu88

10 windows themes with direct download link

Enjoy the full features of Window 10 with this Windows 10 theme without downloading the full O/S.

windows 10 theme

Download Windows 10 Theme Pack

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