Download 10000+ 3D Wallpapers in a ZIP file (HD Wallpapers)


I was collecting hacking related wallpapers for my PC. Once upon a time – when I was collecting hacking related wallpapers, I thought about 3D Wallpaper. When I finished the thinking, I started to collect 3D pictures. I accessed many websites for collecting 3D wallpapers.  Most of the websites shared normal 2D wallpapers. But, I got few sites, which had some 3D pictures. You know, 3D Wallpapers are better than HD Wallpapers and HD wallpapers are better than 2D wallpapers. If you don’t know the abbreviation of these short terms, then read this article to know the abbreviation. I shared a huge collection of Computer and Internet-related abbreviation.

Download 10000+ 3D Wallpapers in a ZIP file (HD Wallpapers)

3d wallpapers in a zip file

Note: This is a sample. I uploaded it in lower quality and resolution (Web Formatted) to our website. Click here to see the better quality.

A mega collection of 3D pictures. I’ve collected total 322 3D images. All wallpapers are HD wallpapers and I have created a ZIP file for sharing all these wallpapers. Because I know, you will not be able to download all wallpapers one by one. Only, for this reason, I’ve packed all these 3D pictures in a ZIP file.

rail line

Features of this ZIP file of 3D pictures

  1. All pictures are in 3D.
  2. All pictures are in HD.
  3. All are high-resolution wallpapers.
  4. Packed in a single ZIP file.
  5. Uploaded on Mediafire.
  6. Easy to download.
  7. Nature, Flowers, and Love wallpapers are in inside the zip file.

Happy New Year 2020 HD Wallpapers

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5000 + Nature HD Wallpapers Collection 1 [Zip File]

2000 + Nature HD Images Collection 2 [Zip FIle]

200 + HD Wallpapers New Collection [Zip File]

25000+ HD Nature WallPapers in zip file (Mega Collection)

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