Let’s change the appearance of Windows 7


Give a new look to your old Windows 7 PC. I have come with new look for your Windows 7 PC. You can easily change the appearance of your Windows 7 PC. By the way, today I’ll share two applications for changing the appearance of your windows 7 PC. It is an old post but I’ll try to say you new things. Because now you are using Windows 8 or it’s upgraded versions. So, Windows 7 is now old operating system. If you are using Windows 7 still now, you can download and install it on your PC for changing the appearance of Windows 7 PC or give a new look to your Windows 7 PC.

Change appearance of Windows 7

change appearance of windows 7

Android is an open source platform, so you can customize it easily. But Windows is not open source software, so we can’t customize it. But we can change the appearance by installing third party software. For this, I’ll share two third party software for changing the appearance of your Windows 7 computer. Download those two third party software from the link below:

Click here to download WindowsFX with Key Maker

Click here to download Windows7BootUpdater

WindowsFX changes the animation of Windows, menu, start menu, file manager. So, install and run WindowsFX and set your favorite animation which are present in “Animation” menu.

Win7BootUpdater: I think, you have understood the work of this application. Yes, it can change the boot animation of windows 7 computer. I have not tried in Windows XP or Windows 8, but you can try.

Download boot animation from this link and unzip it.

After running this software you have to locate the path of boot animation file (.bs7 formatted file). You can see the animation by clicking on play button. After applying the boot animation you have to restart your PC.

Thank you.

Biswajit Das
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