Windows 10 Anniversary Update is coming, take a look what has remained in this update


Almost everybody knows that last 29th July in 2015 Microsoft Officially windows 10 released for all computable PC and laptop. Most of the people also know this, in 29th July officially which build had released that was not so much stable. Because of Bags most of people that rollbacks in windows 8.1 or windows 7. After this to fix this Bag and to stable more windows 10, almost Microsoft updates, new or releases build per month. Among them the biggest public update had been released in last November which has given name Windows 10 version 1511, build 10586 (Threshold). This build was more stable and useful. Till now this is the latest update of Official Windows 10.

Do you know Windows 10 Anniversary Update is coming? Take a look what has remained in this update.

After then Microsoft announces a new update of their last event (build 2016) windows 10, which name is the Window 10 Anniversary Update, although it has heard about windows 10 anniversary update before it. But Microsoft confirms that windows 10 anniversary will release in this continuing year at the end of July like windows 10 official update. So of course you have understand that why it is called Anniversary Update? So let’s see, what feature has in this update.


New start menu and start screen design:

From before the start menu of windows 10 was very beautiful and attractive. But start menu will be decorated, newly in this update. App design of windows 10 will be kept in start menu also. There is a Hamburger menu like apps in start menu and Apps will be decorated more.


Start Menu


Start Screen

Action Centre:

Now action center has also a new user interface. Action Centre means which we know the notification center of windows 10, where comes several apps and normal notification of PC. Now sticky note will be hung on the upper part of action center and any message or chat will stay in action center with each thumbnail. Now action centre will be cloud based. That is to say you can sink the notification of your iPhone or android or windows phone in action centre of windows 10 if you want.


Cortona improvement:

Cortona was one of the best features of windows 10. All windows 10 user know that what is Cortona, but who doesn’t know it is for them, Cortona is the personal assistant of windows 10 user. What you will do with Cortona or how you will use it, if you search google then you will understand. If I will tell you all then what did you learn in life? Anyway, now Cortana will be available in lock screen that means if you are not signed in yet Cortana will act.


Cellular call form PC:

I have nothing to say with it. This was the most wanted features of windows 10. But how it will work or how it will be connected by phone and then call, I don’t know more about it.

Cellular call form PC

Microsoft age improvement:

Who use windows 10 but don’t know Microsoft age browser or they don’t like it, it is difficult to find that type of man. But replacement of internet explorer was very fast and advanced. Jos is an internet browser. Now you can use extension or Add-on like google chrome in the Microsoft age browser. And the arrangement was there in other browser like Facebook or other site for getting notification, now it will be in the Microsoft age browser. In spite of this there will be Windows Hello integration in Microsoft age.


New Skype App:

There was no any official full featured Skype universal app before for windows 10. Desktop app had to use if you want to use Skype. But there was no any official universal app in store like windows 8. But now all users will get built into Skype app.

skype app

New Settings Menu Interface:

Now new interface has been given in settings menu which was very improved and attractive from before. In spite of this now there will be the option of a full system dark theme in the settings. Somewhat this was the notable features of the windows 10 anniversary update. I hope we will get in the next August.


Thank you.