Why you should respond to every approved comment


Do you have comments’ option enabled on your blog?

Yes or No?

I think yes cause most of the bloggers want to know others thought through the comment. But what happens when you don’t respond to any comments? It likely seems on sided conversation and it doesn’t make any sense.

Every pro blogger suggests that a blogger should respond to every approved comment whenever he or she get it.

Before I am going to go through my today’s post, I have a very simple question to you, and that is what do you mean by the comment?

Very simple question, isn’t it? Well, here the answer will vary for the people, but as a blogger I consider a comment as a vote to my post. How many comment you will get it means how popular your blog is. So whenever you get a comment, you should check is it genuine or spam, if genuinely accept it.

Why you should respond to every approved comment?

  • Build Relationship:

In my earlier post, I have mentioned why building relationship with your readers is important. When you reply any particular comment, the commenter thinks that you are cheering him or her. So the relationship starts to build and when the relationship build up you know he or she is going to be loyal to you.

So whenever you get a comment you must respond to it.


  • Helps to build authority:

When you respond to any comment it helps you to build your authority and helps to make boss in your niche. A good, meaningful, contemporary respond to comment adds value to your blog.

If you only write posts, but not respond to your reader’s comment then they can think that you are not good at on that particular topic and you don’t want to care them.

So spend some time to respond each and every approved comment.

  • Build conversation:

Conversation building could be a one of the great way of making your blog outstanding and reliable. When a conversation takes place it creates an opportunity for the readers to easily understand what about the article is. So try to build a meaningful conversation by replying each and every approved comment.

reply comment

  • It forces to read:

When you respond to any comment it opens the door to get another comment. Finally, when a reader sees a lot of comment under a post, then somehow he feels that something is there and he should be a part of this and finally he starts to read the whole article. That is why responding to every comment is so important for a blogger.

It adds quality of your post:

When someone sees that the author is responding to their comment it gives them pleasure and then other readers try to participate in the conversation via comment. It makes a sense that your post has enough quality that is why people are engaging with it. On the other hand, when a new comment made it brought up some new questions and finally, when the author respond to it, questions that people may have get answered.

  • So what do you think?

Please let me know what do you think about responding comment? How do you do it? Or if have anything to tell me please feel free to ask me through the comment.

Thank you…

Biswajit Das
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