Highly recommended blog setting for Blogger (Blogspot Users)


Description of Menus

Description of Menu

#1. Overview: You may take a quick look your blog. Here you can see statistics (Page view, number of visitors of the day,  traffic source, Number of comments awaiting for moderation, Number of Published comments, Number of posts and followers)

#2. Post: By this you can edit your post and publish new posts.

#3. Pages: You can add new pages with the edited pages of your blog.

#4. Comments: You can do the job with the comments on your blog.

#5. Stats: You will be able to see the statics in the details of your blog. It shows Page views by Countries, Percentage of visitors by countries, Page views by Browsers, Page views by Operating Systems, visitors of the day, page view previous days, Page views, last month, Page views all time history (Note: you can manage or track your own page views), Traffic Sources, Audience, Referring URLs, Referring Sites and Search Keywords***.

#6. Earnings: You may earn from your blog through the Google Adsense (the most popular program of Google). To start earning, sign up for an Adsense account. Once, if your blog approved by the Google Adsense team, then you can start earning. If you’ve not basic knowledge about the Google Adsense, then please read these tutorials.

#7. Campaign: If you want visitors to your blog or if you want to advertise on Google about your website or products, then you can join in the Google AdWord program. AdWords can help your blog get more visibility.

#8. Layout: It is the structure of the blog. You must remember that the blog structure depends on the blog theme which you’ve selected. You’ve changed the blog structure by changing the theme. To edit blog layout, click on the “Edit” button. You may use drag and drop method to re-arrange the blog layout.

#9. Template: Template is the theme of the blog. The theme is the most important part of every blog to make it gorgeous. Only theme can give a beautiful look to your blog. I’ve shown you, how to change blogger theme.

#10.  Settings: The most important menu.

blogger settings

You can easily change the title, description, readers and more things. You can access the various settings of the mobile phones.

comment setting

You will get so many things like default language, time zone etc.

date time formatting

The description of Blog and you also judge your blog that does it show on Google or not? You can change blog arrangements, open ID etc. You can import, export & delete your blog.

blog import export

You may also set “feed” URL, OpenID etc.

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