Add a fantastic live chat gadget to your BlogSpot Website


Take a fantastic chat gadget for your BlogSpot Blog. If you want to contact with your blog visitors then this gadget is for you. Through this, visitors will inform you their problems and you also will know their IP, current address and you will contact with them.

Take a Magnificent Chat Gadget for your Blogger Website

If you want to visit with the visitors on your blog, then it is a gadget for all of you guys. Through it, visitors could tell you any problem and you also could tell then IP, location and could contact with them.

Free Live Chat Gadget for Blogspot Website

live chat for blogspot website

Watch the demo here…

Now, in which way you will add a “Live chat” system in your blog.

#1  Here you have to register first.

#2 Verify your email and log in to your account.

#3 Now opening “Embedded Chat” you can copy your code from “Deployment” menu.

#4 Select “Add Gadget” from “Blog Layout“.

add gadgets

#5 Select “HTML/JavaScript” from the gadgets list.

HTML JavaScript Gadget for Blogger

#6 Now give a title and paste the HTML/JavaScript code into the box.

How to add gadgets in blogger

#7 Now, save it and take a preview.

Then, it is completed to add “Live Chat Support System” in your blog. But main thing is how you will customize it?

There are some options to customize, see it in “Deployment” menu. Select it, which you will customize. Now going to “Custom UI” customize it.

One matter is left, which is important. You have to get messages of all users, isn’t it? For this, go “Chat Now” from the Dashboard. Now you will see active visitor of your site. Then invite them if you want to chat. Or if someone wants to chat with you then start chatting by acceptance.

Note: One more thing, this is not a public chat. Only just members will contact with admin.

Thank You!

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