Which is the best topic/subject for your upcoming YouTube Channel


YouTube means Golden dream, YouTube means the hope of thousand boy and girls surviving. Please don’t make an unnatural death of this dream and hope.

Boat without waterman, car without efficient driver, house without planning, life without a destination, wandering without aim- the result of all these things is the same destruction or becomes failure. Why I said these things because YouTube is such a medium of income in the online world, anyone can income good thing in very little time. But some people of the fertile human brain in our country and bad work, adult content work, work of stealing others content, today YouTube have stood in front of destruction by going to work with copyright content. Many companies have limited their service from Bangladesh one by one. In Bangladesh, many companies don’t get approval because they can make fault of everything very beautifully. PayPal doesn’t give their service to Bangladeshi, but Payoneer has given us yet we have wasted that chance. NETELLER used to give them virtual cards at free of cost yet they have wasted it. Now card service has been closed for Bangladeshi. There are 3 founders of YouTube, in it, one founder is the son from Bangladesh and that person has said to keep off YouTube monetization in Bangladesh. Are you surprised? But I’m not because everybody knows they like to eat impure water than clear water. When you will understand the better thing, I want to know very much, that such of chances, how we have wasted.

Note: If you upload copyright materials more than three times, then first YouTube will send you the notification for uploading others’ content. Secondly, YouTube will disable the monetization for your YouTube Channel. And thirdly, YouTube will suspend your account permanently.

youtube copyright notice

YouTube knows very well how to control all these and what can be done if all these bad work will decrease. That is exactly was seen in last 2 months that in YouTube many big marketers have lost their accounts. There were such people whose income if you heard that any government serviceman gets the highest salary (here is the list of top 10 YouTube Earners), he also will be shocked, and such of many accounts have been suspended. Because if anybody makes a sin then many times many people suffer for that. Anyway if till now it doesn’t enter into their head that such golden chance of YouTube may be loosed by us then no need to do anything of anybody. You may be also a YouTube Millionaire. So, don’t miss the chance.

youtube copyright disabled

So much trouble and so much thing were there but for your blessings and the result of our right path work, our channel has stood till now. Because I believe in the income of whole life not the income of two days. So I will request you know, understand and learn then start to work. I see many people have opened the channel and don’t know what is channel art, how to give channel icon, how to active monetize? Not knowing such many things and starting that the result of YouTube’s journey become channel gets suspend after 2 days.

Note: If YouTube disabled the monetization for your channel, then you’ve to wait for 12 months/ 1year for re-enabling the monetization. Once upon a time, I recorded a match of cricket world cup and I uploaded it on YouTube, for this reason, YouTube disabled the Monetization for my channel. After sending many requests to them for re-monetizing my channel,  they re-enabled the monetization after 1 year and 6 months later.

enabaling re-monetization youtube channel

So know, learn, understand everything before then start to work because if you need 2/4 months to learn then after this you will able to earn a good income and to work for whole life. Remember, the Robot of YouTube doesn’t know that you are Bangladeshi or Indian or American and it runs through logic. So who cheats, he will be caught today or tomorrow.

Before ending the article, those who works whatever and have the concept about YouTube but you can’t understand what you will work, this topic is for them:

  1. Technology
  2. Mobile review/ upcoming mobile
  3. Top 10/ Top 5
  4. English News
  5. Recipies
  6. ShortFilm
  7. Own music
  8. Game Review
  9. App Review
  10. Tutorials

Note: I recommend you for doing, what you know very well.

In spite of this, those who can play games, they can run channel by playing games in computer. And I’m saying for sister and aunts that you can work with beauty tips, recipe, health and you can do upper topics definitely.

At the last I request to you all especially that come, we show by doing good work, we can do everything if we want such people. If we want then carrying the flag of the country of the earth, we can take that high. Whatever we can do, where the whole world has given respect then why we will give birth of the bad concept to us for any bad work. Come, leaving everything we can do the good thing, everyone likes crown, isn’t it? Those who change from their place, see your country has been changed also.

I have finished my article here for today with many chattering and so much spelling mistakes. God bless you all. Take care.

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