What is Symbolic Link or Symlink ?


Hi friends, how are you? I am fine. I am a newcomer in THEMENTALCLUB. So friends, today I am discussing What is Symbolic Link or Symlink ? 

For being an expert in computer, you must know it.

The pre-condition  of doing the task on the computer is that the everything as organized. Keep in mind that the work is not confined to the law of Murphy. According to Mr. Murphy, it will not be available when needed. After finishing our tasks, we watch that the needed thing is placed in front our eyes. The same case is happening in our computer. In between two points, the straight line is the minimum distance between them. Apart from this, where ever you will go, the time and labour of your will lost. Similarly, there are some tasks for working with computer. Some separate features by which you do your tasks very easily. Today, I will discuss this type of topic. Today, the topic is Symbolic Link or Symlink. I believe that this topic is unknown for most of the computer users. Because, in the previous time, this topic has not written in our THEMENTALCLUB. So, this topic is for the first time.

So, the question is:  What is Symbolic Link or Symlink?

What is symbolic Link or Symlink? 

Symbolic Link is an advanced shortcut method which we called as a Simlink as a shortcut. Generally, for searching any file or folder very easily we apply shortcut methods. In there, after clicking the main file or folder opens. Symbolic link is the process in where any file or folder of any places in your computer may be used in any places of your computer as a real file or folder. I don’t know do you understand or not, but I think, after reading the whole tune, hopefully, you will able to understand this.

what is symbolink

So many kinds of symbolic links are available. But, among them, two types of symbolic links are so popular. First of all is the Soft Symbolic Link and the other is the Hard Symbolic Link.  

  • Soft Symbolic Link is just like a standard shortcut, i.e when you click the symbolic link of the folder, then it will drive you in the main location.
  • Hard Symbolic Link is completely different. If you click on hard link, then it will do as a real file. That is, if you watch the headline, you will imagine that the file is really there.

Before discussing this topic, Let’s know, why do we use this Symbolic Link ? What is the main purpose of this tune?   

Why do we use this Symbolic Link or Symlink?

 You will find the cause of using the Symbolic Link from today. We do not feel a lack of so many things due to our ignorance. When you will able to understand it completely, then  you will find out it.

So, let’s go for taking some concepts that in which purposes do we use Symbolic Link 


If there are no available spaces in any drive of the computer:


  • Suppose that, the size of the C drive on your computer is very poor. But you download so many data from the internet. So, as soon as downloading data from the internet, then transferring it very quickly in another drive. After downloading any movie or any large-sized software from the torrent, these are not placed in C drive. In this case, Symbolic link can solve all of your problems.   
  • The available spaces in where you make the empty folder for downloading. After making a hard symbolic link you can drop it in the original downloaded file in C drive. 

 If You want to Arrange your Downloaded Manager File 


  • Generally, for download managers,  compressed documents, audio programs, and video folders stay in the downloaded folder. After downloading data, these are transferred in their assigned drive. It, for me,  is an additional labour.   
  • In this case, in your given drives, make each folder for compressing documents, audio programs, and video files and set up a hard download link and drop in downloaded folders. As soon as downloading the file, it will send to the defined folder. 

If You want to access required Files


  • Actually,  I renamed the computer drives according to the files. For example, movies in movie folder, softwares in software folder, education related files in educational folder.  Movies Folder in the normal way would be full all the time. Now, bringing on some movies from any friend. But the problem is that there is no enough place to keep it. This is a big problem. 
  • To release from this problem, since the educational file is almost empty, therefore transferring these movies and create a symbolic link and drop in the movies folder. Then you do not have to think about your place. 

To Transfer the large Installed files to the Another Drive 


  • Suppose that, you have set up a game which memory occupies a larger part in C drive. As a result, it interrupts your task on the computer. In this condition, what do you do?  
  • In this condition, you have to use symbolic links. For this, at first, all programs have to be closed. Then, relocate the files of all programs into the other area.  Then, transfer the files after creating a symbolic link that was supposed to be the desired place by dropping files.    

When a Symbolic Link is Required

  • You may use a Symbolic Link for synchronizing any folders with the help of Drop Box. It will reduce the wastage of space. 
  • By using the symbolic link you will transfer the original setting of folder of any program in anywhere.  
  • Keeping any media files in anywhere on computer, you will able to watch it in a default media library.
  • Keeping any files in anywhere on a computer, you can use the symbolic link of its from any places. 

How do You use this Symbolic Link 

You can make the Symbolic Link by using the command system in your computer. But, that is not a very easy task. So many problems do occur during this work. But avoiding the disturbance, we will come forward to our desired task. For this easy task, the two things must available in your computer. The first one is Visual Studio 2005 Redistributable and the other one is: Link shell Extension. By clicking the download link in below you can download the Visual Studio 2005 Redistributable and Link shell Extension, according to the operating system and a bit of your computer. 

For Making Symbolic Link, you’ve to download some files
Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (x86) Visual Studio 2005 Red(2.6MB) Link Shell Extension(3.57MB)
Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (x64) Visual Studio 2005 Red(3.0MB) Link Shell Extension(3.83MB)
  • Now, install Visual Studio 2005 Redistributable and Link Shell Extension. After ending installation process, then restart your computer. Now follow the steps for using and making the symbolic link.
  • You will create the symbolic link on which folder do right-click of your mouse button on that folder and click on the PICK LINK SHARE option and follow the below image.

pick link symbolic

  • Now, where you want to create a symbolic link do right click on your mouse button in that place and select any required submenu from the Dropcap option just like picture below this. But, you must remind the above mentioned Hard and Soft Link.  

paste the link

  •  On Desktop, I created a symbolic link on the new folder. Please, watch it in the below picture showing the new symbolic location instead of the original location of files. 


Noted that the Issues to Create Symbolic Link 

To create a Symbolic Link has some limitations and precautions. Though I have not told you yet, but the guys, never face any problems. In order to gain full knowledge from this tune, for this look some points in below at a glance.

  • A hard link is under the supported platforms, it can be done in NTFS volume.
  • Hard links can be made only in an NTFS volume. The same cannot be made across multiple volume.
  • Junctions with NTFS volume can not be made without NT4.
  • A Symbolic link cannot be created in between another symbolic link. Because the system is to create a loop that will not come out from it. This could be happened anything from the beginning of system Crash. 

However, the use of a Symbolic Link is very easy and useful in real life. If several people are seen on a PC using the same content is more than one folder. It is a waste of space. Symbolic Link resolves this issue. I tried to talk a little bit about the symbolic link.  To know in detail, please click here in this link.

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