Check out the pixel of your favourite LCD or LED Monitor


Today, computer means LCD or LED. Nobody buys CRT monitor. Is your LCD monitor ok? How do you ensure that dead pixel is available in your machine?

If you buy the old monitor from your friend, then it would be wise to check the old monitor. How do you check it? That’s why this article has posted on our site.

You can check the monitor by using an extraordinary software named IsMyLcdOK. By using this software you can easily check the dead pixel, stuck pixel or any harmful pixel.

Check Pixel of Monitor (LCD, LED & CRT)

pixel of computer monitor

How is the Dead Pixel? Look the sample.

pixel of monitor

pixels of lcd

Download IsMyLcdOK [For 32 Bits] [For 64 Bits]

How do you check it?

First, run the software. You can see it below.

check pixel of monitor

Hold 1, 2, 3 serially and examine White test, Black test, Red test etc. If you want the test to be automatic, then press ENTER key along with the pressing of F5. So you can see all of the tests.

It would be better if there are no Dead pixels. You can see it below.

dead pixel

This software will only check it, but it never repairs any fault. Now the question is what is the process of repairing the Dead Pixel? But I will tell you guys on another day.

Thank You!

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