What is Backlink and How to Get Backlink Free for Website?

How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Today I will share with you about the most important subject of off page optimization of search engine optimization that is backlink. We will know what is called backlink, why we need backlink and how to get backlink for your site.

What Are Backlinks In SEO And What Are The Advantages Of Backlinks?


What is backlink?

The meaning of backlink is getting links for your site from one site. Imagine you have a website and kept that site’s link on another site. Then you will get a backlink for your site, from that site where you had given your site’s link.

If your site is “A” and you will give your site’s link in which site if that is “B” then it is said as backlink you got a backlink from B site. In this way you will give your site’s link on how many sites that many backlink you will get. And it is considered as the most important thing in search engine. In other words, we can say in one word that from another site, we get which incoming link on our site that is called a backlink.

Why this backlink is:

When it comes in my mind about backlink then I remember about big leaders of our country, have you become surprise hearing my word? If I say the importance of backlink then I say everyone to compare with these leaders. How?


Public power is the best power. Imagine you have so much money, but you didn’t get anyone for work, after then have any value of this money? No, it has no value. In this way a dominant leader has no value if he is alone. You will see that he always wants that he would men power. Because how much men power will be more that much power’s effect will be spread. As a result, in all that place he will sovereign more his influence. Or when he will go to any work, then everybody gives vote on behalf of him, then his work and acceptance will increase to a great extent. So he will become as one powerful man, the backlink is like that to search engine. There is no alternative of increasing backlink to increase the site’s importance and acceptance. Each backlink is like vote for you. For this search engine always finds which site’s backlink is more. Because you may never want to sit a disqualified candidate in an important seat. For this search engine also gives more importance to backlink for its first page.

Yesterday I had given a post about what is backlink where something was discussed about backlink. Click here to see and we can’t forward our discussion about do follow and no follow backlink.

So today I will share with you about what is do follow and no follow backlink and how to work do follow and no follow backlink. Anyway, let’s start main topic.

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What is do follow backlink?

Do follow backlink is a normal HTML link. Through which link will refer your site directly. Do follow backlink is the strongest link. From what type of work you have gotten do follow backlink, depending on that you will get what type of rank.

As an example, I have presented do follow backlink of a site through a normal HTML source code link.

What is no follow backlink?

No follow is such type of link through which website forbids to search engine’s published bank link to crawl/index. In other words, through this type of link you will not get any type of page rank. But through this you will get some visitors. Famous sites of the world use no follow backlink like Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia etc. There rel=”no follow” is added with no follow backlink which prevents search engine to index.

For example, I have presented no follow backlink of a site through a normal HTML source code link.

Going to several sites, many times we post or comment for getting backlink. But does good backlink get from all sites? No, because no follow link is attributed in the option of adding comments or post or link, from there it is not possible to get backlink actually and which you will get, it will not need in any work in case of page rank.

Though many search engines still now mentions no follow link as backlink, then that has no value at all. So we have to find do follow site of good quality for making good and qualified backlink.

How to understand do follow and no follow backlink, I hope I will present, including details in the next about that. Gradually I will take you very inside of search engine. My research is almost seven years with search engine. After that I read many blogs daily, information is very invaluable wealth. I work hard daily though I search many websites for only information.

At last, do follow and no follow are totally opposite type. As a result of Penda update Google’s search has brought many differences in the algorithm. Those who used to do off-page optimization, they careful from now. Because Google has given importance to on-page SEO from off-page SEO. In previous article there has been discussed about off-page SEO and on-page SEO. Its link has been given above.

And Google has managed its importance of page rank for publishing in front of all. Through page rank, Google publishes that how much importance or rank of a website. So it is proved from this that increasing backlink is the most needed for increasing of your page rank.

Suppose there are 100 people behind one man. In it 60 people are blind, dumb and etc. Then what happened? Is that possible to work for him with those people? No, never. Because though there are 100 people, but their force and power is equal to total 20 men. In spite of that no company doesn’t appoint such unfit candidate in any big rank.

The search engine is not the exception of that. You may have 100 backlinks. But from which page you have gotten backlink if that have no importance to search engines then there is no profit with that 100 backlinks. That will be equal to 20 backlinks. Page rank of your 1 PR 5-9 backlink is equal to 100 backlinks.

So don’t waste time, for the increasing valueless backlink. Give time to get such backlink from where you will get success certainly. Though it takes so much time or you have to work hard then also you will try that.

I hope you understood easily that backlink is how much important. So always try to increase backlink with on page optimization equally. Give time 20-30 minutes or more daily only for increasing backlink. Decide time by dividing time with on page optimization and off page optimization. Success will come in your hand definitely.

How to Get Backlink?

There is nothing which can’t be found in internet only without touching with hands. So you will also find out backlink in internet. Let’s see how to get backlink for your website.

  1. Through article.
  2. Through blogging.
  3. Through commenting on another blog.
  4. Through forum post.
  5. Through commenting on the forum.
  6. Through press release.
  7. Through submitting website in directory.
  8. Through a link exchange.
  9. Through giving ad on the website.
  10. Through buying backlink. (paid backlink) etc.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this tune will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

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