Reduce the Loading Time of your Website and Make it an SEO Friendly


If you make your website SEO friendly, then you have to watch on the page loading time. If it loads quickly, then you will get so many visitors. You have to do some works to make an SEO friendly in your website. For example:

How to reduce the loading time of  Websites?

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301 Redirects:

For URL location, you have to do a 301 redirect to go from one URL to another URL for your new domain. It takes huge time to load in the page for redirecting. You have to redirect necessary URL.

Magnify your codes:

Reduce HTML comments, CDATA section, white space, unnecessary tag and empty elements. As a result, it reduces the size of the page and load the web page very fast. You have to write many contents and it reduces the white space and empty space and load the website very fast.

Magnify Source Code

Remove broken Link:

You have to reduce the number of broken links from the website. For this, website is searched. It creates a pressure on the website and it makes slow. And for this, it takes huge time to load.

Optimize Images

It is true that a picture tells more than 1000 words. So if you describe anything, then you have to use images. But, image may be a problem due to the server. You should use background colour rather than the use of graphics. You should save pictures in all formats. It reduces the size of the image. You have to judge the height and width of the image. If the good quality picture is required, then you may use JPEG format. And you have to use PNG format for the best quality logo. You have to reduce the size of the image by using the PNG & the JPEG compressor tool.

Optimize all large files:

You have to optimize flash file, video and large script. For this, you should use editor program. There are so many options in this program by which you may reduce the size of the file. Moreover, you also should watch that how they reduce the size.

Keep Design and Interface, Simple:

At website, you have to use normal design. As a result, the size of the website is low. The website loads in a very short time.

Apart from this, there are so many stages which you may find after searching online. To make a success in your website you have to watch on the loading time of your site.

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