What is paid traffic and where do you get the paid traffic?


What is paid traffic, you got know well in the previous lesson? So I didn’t review that more. The biggest advantage if you use Facebook and Google, whom you are wanting, you will get that targeted persons. In it you are getting whom by excepting less visitor, they are also useful and targeted persons. Anyway, success in paid traffic is sure. But before going to paid traffic, keep at least 50 tunes in your blog. There is no problem whatever you will do. If you finish by copying totally to do 50 tunes then alas! All is over. And write long tune then Google will fall in love with you. Hope is sure on the first page. But going to paid traffic, you have to work some preparative task.


  • You need a master card (International Credit Card).
  • You need online bank accounts. Example: Payza, Skrill. Neteller.
  • You need flourish blog’s content.

Where and How do you get the paid traffic? (Best Ad Networks for Advertiser)

High Quality Traffic
Quality Traffic

Google AdWord: It is costly to give an advertisement in Google. Then go to adwords.google.com. Going to there create a campaign. Google’s advertisement system is paid to click (PTC). How many click fell into the website, according to that you have to pay. You are wanting visitors to which country, which age and which type then you will get that type of visitors from Google. Click here to advertise on Google. You may also advertise on YouTube (Advertise on Video Content/Video Ad) with the Google AdWord tool.

Facebook Ad: Not giving your website’s advertisement on Facebook, give page’s advertisement because work is finished if users click once into the website. But if users like in page how much status you will give that much they will get. Then your blog they will visit for many times, not for one time. After going to the page, click on the promote page. Then create a campaign with your master card (Credit Card) and others information. Click here to advertise on Facebook.

Promote Facebook Page
Promote Facebook Page

Ad network (Media.Net): You can give blog’s advertisement in ad network if you want. For giving advertisement I have ad network but I feel ads dream is the best. I have the good result from them.

Going to this link, open an account as an advertiser. Then going to Ads dream create a campaign. You can give payment with Credit Card/Payza and Paypal also. This is not a spam. This is totally real. There is no chance to think spam.

Link Shortener Ad (Adf.ly)There is no alternative of Adf.ly to get more visitors in low price. The biggest advantage is- of which country you are wanting visitors, you will get visitors from that country.

Going to this link and sign up. Then go to Advertiser Mode from above. Create campaign. Of which country and how many visitors you want, please mention that.

I’ll not recommend you for using Adf.ly. They will give many traffics but all the traffics ary very low quality.

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