Some Important Tips on Writing Quality Articles in Short Time


Hi friends, how are you? I am fine. I am a newcomer in THEMENTALCLUB. So friends, today I am discussing about the important tips on writing quality articles in a short time. It is an another interesting topic.

6 Best Tips on Quality Article Writing

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If you search a given keyword or topic on Google, then Google displays a lot of information in front of you. If you write “Article Writing Tips” in the google search box and after searching Google highlights a lot of links in front of you. But Google ‘s first results page showing only 10.  But among the million of sites, why Google displays only 10 sites in front of you?

But now  the question is: Have these 10 sites paid Google?

The other is: Without paying is the Google will display the first 10 sites in front of you?

Now, the main question is, Why Google displays the first 10sites in front of you?

The quality of the article is the main cause for showing the first ten sites in the front page of google. Therefore, the quality of article is a very important standard. So, guys, today we are discussing what do you do for writing the quality of articles:

Article Writing Tips

#1   First of all, from the beginning You must be noticed that the importance of the material in the present situation which you are writing. The material, which is not popular, is advised not to write.

#2   If the topic of the article is the current situation, then must be reminded that you are the first one who tune the article for the first time. Because, after the specific time, the value of the current topic will be lost. For example, if you want to write an article about “ICC WORLD CUP OPENING CEREMONY”, then you must be written this article at least 2 or 3 days ago or in that particular day. If you publish this article after 2 or 3  days from the opening ceremony, then none will read your article. I think, you also will not read your own article.

#3     There are so many things that remain in our whole life until the destruction of the world. So, always write this type of article. This type of search value never declines. If you have written about the “Weight Loss Tips”, then this kind of articles’s search value will never be declined.


#4  “Copy an idea, but not content”: this subject is very sensitive. You have to read 5-7 articles for furthering your knowledge, but can’t copy any article.

#5   You choose a topic in which you have no idea about that particular knowledge. Then, you might read 8-10 articles on that particular subject for gathering the knowledge.

#6  Many people have written imprudent articles of 100-200 words. An article should be a package of 500 words. Informative article always gains popularity, mind it.  

Thank you guys …