What are the Functions of the Function Keys of Computer (F1 – F12)?


Which are the function keys of a computer? There are various works of 12 buttons at the top of the computer keyboard. Windows to MAC, the use of function keys are different for the different types of  operating systems. Generally, there are 12 function keys, but there are also extra function keys (fn) in some cases. The action of each function is different. Take a look at a glance, what are the functions of these keys on  Windows PC.

Function Keys (F1 – F12) and their functions

function keys

These buttons used for opening Windows with safe mood. Windows recovery system can be initiated in some computer with these keys.

F1: This acts as a help button on more software case. F1 is a help key of Windows own.

F2: This is the shortcut key for highlighting any file or renaming files or folders. Alt+CTRL+F2 can be used to open any document in case of Microsoft word.

F3: This is the search button on the Windows desktop. In DOS mode ‘F3‘ will bring you back to the last line of text.

F4: In case of Windows explorer or internet explorer, this button is used to open the address bar. Alt+F4 is used to close the active Window or the active program at once.

F5: In case of any browser, this button acts as a refresher. In case of Microsoft word, Find, Replace, Go To dialogue window button is opened at once with this button.

F6: In case of browsers, F6 button takes the cursor in the address bar. In case of some laptops, volume decreases with this button.

F7: In case of Microsoft word and outlook, for checking spelling and grammar F7 button is used. In case of laptop, volume increases with this button.

F8: This button is used to open windows in safe mode. Windows recovery system can be started with F8 key in some computer. In case of Microsoft word, this button acts as a refresher.

F9: In case of some laptop, brightness decreases with F9 button.

F10: In case of any active windows, menu bar is opened with F10 button. In case of some laptop, brightness increases with this button.

F11: You can make full screen your browser with this key.

F12: In Microsoft Word, you can save files with this key. You can print MS Word documents by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12 keys jointly.

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